Chapter 35

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Light shinned onto my eyelids. I groaned and turned into Azreal's arm blocking the sun from view. I closed my eye again and tried to go back to sleep. But right as I was about to fall back into a conformable sleep there was a loud knock on the door. I groaned and poked Azreal in the chest. 

"Humm" He said with a groan. 

"Someones at the door." I said curling back up. 

"Then go get it." he said with a small chuckle. 

"But I'm warm." 

Azreal let out a laugh and nudge me slightly. I groaned and rolled over facing away from him. I slowly got to my knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. Just as I was about to get up Azreals hand smacked my bum. I leached forward, luckily catching myself before falling onto the floor. Spinning around I glared daggers at Azreal. His blue eyes shinned with laghter. I flipped him off and marched over to the door.  

With a huff I swung open the door. I glared at the figure standin before me. 

"Can I help you Malik?" I seethed at him. 

"Your needed downstairs for a pack meeting and brefing Alpha." He said looking at me. 

"Fine. I will be down in 20." I said stepping back to close the door. 

"Make it 10 they are all waiting for you." 

"We will be down soon." Azreal said from the bed behind me. 

"Oh no you don't. I said spinning on my heels and turning to him. Your not going anywhere mister." 

"Oh really says who?" he asked as I closed the door and turned towards him. 

"Says me" I said walking towards him my hands on my hips. 

"And what pray tell do are you planning to do to keep me here?" 


And with that I marched over to the bed and crawled on to the mattress. I made my way over to him and straddled his hips. Leaning down I kissed his soft lips. Barely pulling away I trailed kisses across his face and then down his neck. I felt him groan under my lips. I smiled into his skin. I licked a line down from his throat to the center of his broad chest. 

Azreal arched up into me and I felt heat rush into my body. I slowly made my way back up to his neck and leaned forward to his ear. 

"If you even think of moving I will tie you to this bed." 

"Promise love"

I pulled back from him and I rolled my eyes. He smiled up at me and I felt my heart leap. I ran my hand through his silky hair and leaned down kissing his warm forehead. 

"I need to go take a shower." I said as I hoped off the bed and walked over to the bathroom. 

I heard Azreal let out a small chuckle and sucked in a long breath. I walked into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me I stripped off my clothes. I turned and opened the door to the large glass shower. Turning the shower on it instantly got hot. Stepping inside I let the warm water wash over my body. Letting out a breath I leaned forward I let the water run down my back as I closed my eyes.

I was about to grab the shampoo when I heard the door click open. With a shriek I steeped back and covered myself. 

"What the fuck are you doing Azreal?" 

He said nothing but I heard the door open behind me. A moment later I felt his arms wrap around me from behind. I sucked in a breath as I felt his body press against mine. Azreals pressed his lips against my neck making me groan. I arched my neck back towards him closing my eyes. 


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