The beginning

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Eren pov~

I stare at myself in the mirror looking at all of my scars and bruises that I got from my parents. I let small shaky breaths as I cried.

"I can't do this anymore... I want it to stop but what can a nine-year-old boy like me do to stop this!" I talked to myself as I grip my shirt and looked down.

Then I thought of a way to stop this but it won't be easy... I need to at least try. I went down the stairs as silent as I can, good thing my parents are too busy getting drunk and drugged, I can use that as an advantage to go on with my plan. I went to the kitchen and I picked up a knife that was in a drawer. I grabbed it and quietly sneak up to where my oh so dad, who was laying down on the couch passed out. 

'take down the strongest one, then the weakest'  I thought.

I went on top of him and, with all of my force I stabbed him in the back, I keep repeating that over and over again, hearing his screams of pain was like music to my ears, after some minutes I heard a scream of horror, I turned around to see my mother was standing there staring at me with wide eyes. She tried to run away but she forgot one thing..she's drunk, so with all of my speed I ran up to her and jumped on top of her, she tried resisting but it didn't work.

"P-please don't kill me!?!" she screamed and cried.

"I'm sorry mother... but I'm done with all of the bad things you and dad have done to me!!" I yelled

I stabbed her in the chest, I did it multiple times until I was sure she was dead. I walked away from the bodies of my dead parents letting the knife drop to the ground with a big bang, I dropped to my knees and grabbed the hand that I used to stab my parents. blood covered my tan skin. I was shaken up by the door cracking open, I looked at the person that was in the entrance of it and my eyes widened, he had a smile on his face instead of a shocked and scared face.

"Well done kid, couldn't do it better myself," the guy said

I looked at the guy with a confused face. Was he here to kill my parents? If he was then it's too late now, I did it first than him.

"The name is Zeke, and I actually came here to kill your parents because they owe me money, I gave them plenty of time to get it but they never did, "the guy smirked and fixed his glasses

"They do have the money, but they don't want it to give it to you" 

"Oh really? you don't mind showing me where it is, do you?" he looked at me.

"No, no I don't mind, come follow me"

I lead the guy to the room my mom and dad use. I went to a wall and start taking out blocks when I was done a box was in there, I grabbed it and gave it to the guy.

"Here it is"

"How did you know it was there?" he asked me

"I caught my mom and dad taking it out and count how much money they had"

"Tell you what I don't want a little kid like you to end up in prison or in a mental hospital... so I'll take you with me, you can help me with killing other people and steal more money," the guy smiled

He extended his arm and opened his hand for me to grab it. I walked away from him but to just grab my knife then I went up to the guy and grabbed his hand.

"Good, you will be my special weapon and my strongest thief because I will be the one teaching you how to kill and defend yourself." the guy said

I nodded and we walked outside my house.

'this is going to be the day my whole life changes forever' I thought


Hey, there so this story is kinda shitty because it's my first story I have written. Please don't write or say bad things to me.

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