chapter one

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chapter one : the watcher

chapter one : the watcher

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he watched them. he watched the way her blue eyes lit up every time she looked at her blond-haired boyfriend, the way his smile would curve and his eyes would twinkle. he watched the boy lean towards his girlfriend and whisper something into her ear, the way her freckled cheeks flared in the firelight. he watched it all, and clenched his fists against his jeans as he tried, and failed, to look away.

honestly, it was stupid of him to even have come to the end of the summer party, but rose had insisted, and albus hated letting his cousin down. he knew scorpius would be there, because wherever rose was, the blond was sure to follow. albus had avoided him successfully during the entirety of the summer, but once he'd received his cousin's letter in the post earlier that week, he knew he'd done this to no avail.

eventually, he was able to turn away. on the other side of the bonfire, to the right of scorpius and rose, lily sat with hugo, reading something for school. they were less than entertaining to look at, so albus focused his attention elsewhere: to james, who was giving him a pitiful look, and once his brother noticed he'd caught his eye, he twitched his head slightly, gesturing for albus to follow him.

he stood and nobody noticed him. that seemed to be the typical thing as of recent. even at home, nobody seemed to notice him. lily was always doing some last minute schoolwork, his mother was writing to one of his many uncles, and his father was off working for the ministry. only james seemed to notice him, but usually he was busy hanging out with teddy, as they were entering their final year at hogwarts.

james snuck off towards their aunt and uncle's garage. even though they were magic folk, uncle ron had insisted on buying a car. albus found his brother lounging against the locked door, pushing his circular-framed glasses up the bridge of his nose. when he caught sight of albus, another frown crossed his face.

"they've been ogling each other all night, al. you alright?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. as summer was ending, a chill had made itself known in the air, and it seemed like james' gryffindor hoodie just wasn't doing that good of a job at keeping out the cold.

"it's fine, james. you don't have to keep checking in on me." albus sighed, crossing his own arms over his chest. his green eyes met his brother's brown and he blew out another breath. "i just knew i shouldn't have come."

"hey," james stepped closer to the fifteen-year-old. "don't be ridiculous! sure, maybe we're the only cousins out of all the ones rose invited to show up, but we're still here, and we still can have a good time. i can pull out a game of exploding snap, or..."

"it's fine, james. honestly. i think i'm just gonna ask aunt hermione and uncle ron if i can floo home. it's obvious rose isn't going to speak to me anyways." albus claimed depressively. he turned to walk back around the garage and nearly collided with another person. as he looked up, his eyes met scorpius' grey, and his mouth dried instantly.

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