Nishikino Maki x Ghoul! Female! Reader

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Sup Fleet!!! Now, now, let's go to an angsty one. Requested by Gozzykill

Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader.

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Blood-Tainted Destiny

In this world, my type is called monsters and because of that, we are destined to live like animals. Seeking refugee from the humans and not being capable of falling in love with other humans, just ghouls, but I am an exception to that rule.

My name is (F/N) (L/N), I am what you would call a ghoul, or a passive ghoul. Even though I am only fifteen years old, I am the leader of a ghoul organization, Taion. That organization centers in giving ghouls other opportunities to live, having very similar objectives as one that was destroyed years ago, Anteiku. I am a first-year student at Otonokizaka where I met the reason of founding Taion. That red-headed pianist with those amethyst-like orbs that I couldn't dare not to watch all day, and ever since two months ago, she is totally mine.

Her princess-like personality made her even cuter! Right now I'm going to meet her behind school. Unfortunately, I have been absent since other ghoul organization declared war and Taion must defend its territories and families between their ranks, I was hoping to avoid it but that organization, Tsukki, didn't accepted our contract and now they are all against Taion. The reason I was meeting her was to apologize for being absent and to give her something in advance for Christmas, a date I will not be beside her. The gift was a ring, a silver ring with little amethysts all around it, it was from my mother but she died long ago.

Arriving behind the school I could see her, but also I could see another girl, she had black hair in two pigtails in each side of her head with red ribbons, both of them were wearing the uniform, but that girl was wearing the green ribbon in hers meaning she is a third-year, but isn't she too little to be a third-year? Either way, they were talking about something, so I approached them and hide behind a bush that was nearby, listening their conversation.

"What are you talking about?!" Maki asked impatiently to the black-haired girl.

"Tell me, when was the last time you two kissed?" The girl answered with another question.

"W-We h-h-haven't" Maki answered while blushing and playing with a strand of her hair. I swear she is like a goddess every time she does that!

"When was the last time she hugged you?" The black-haired girl asked.

"A week ago" At this point, Maki stopped playing with her hair and started looking more serious. I am guilty of that, but that was a goodbye hug, I was trying to get peace, but obviously I didn't told her I was a ghoul, I don't want her to hate me.

"Let me get to the point, has she ever told you that she loved you or at least that she liked you?" That black-haired girl is going to be the end of our relationship, I won't allow that! I started to stand up but then the black-haired girl continue due to the silence of Maki "Do you even love her anymore?" That's a foolish question, I already know the answer to that and is...

"I don't think so"

A yes...


"I don't think I love her like I used to"

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