Chapter 2

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Jason - Underlined
Jessica - Normal

Incoming call: Unknown

"Amber where the hell are you?! I've been waiting for the last 10 minutes!"

"You've dialled the wrong number twice dumbass. This isn't the number to your booty call."

"Say what now?! Well shit, my bad then." *nervous laugh*

"Aww is the dumbass feeling embarrassed? " *mocking tone*

"Hey! I'm not a dumbass and neither am I embarrassed..."

"Sure you're not.." *sarcasm*

"Since you're already speaking to me, why don't you come on over and entertain me instead? I still have a massive boner to get rid of.." *flirty tone*

"Ewwww, stop giving out details!! I do not want to know! Keep that information to yourself will you?" *cringes*

"Speaking of letting things out.. I need to go and jerk off.. unless you wanna help me with that? I mean I don't mind.. the more the merrier.." *laughs*

"Arghh you horny bastard..." *frustrated*

"Was that a moan I heard? Jheeze, I didn't know I turned you on that quickly"

"I can never get turned on by your small d*ck!!"
*hangs up*

"Oh hell no, she did not just call my buddy small!! She is so going to regret that!" *ego bruise*

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