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My alarm rings at 6.00 and I run straight for the shower with my towel in one hand and tooth brush in the other I get there before my older brother nick does, nick is one of those boys who all they care about is how they look, their hair and what girls think of them sometimes I go through deep thoughts and think if he was meant to be my sister you know a girl, not that nick is an anannoying brother he is the most charming and sweetest older brother anyone can ever have he has a great personality ,great looks and is very caring and mature. He is 18 years of age only one year older than me.

I turn the hot water on and stand there for minutes blocking the drain with my feet that's when I hear nick winging and arguing to mum

"She has been in there for 40 minutes staright"nick complains

"Keep your pants on, it's not like your any better "I hear mum snap back

"ARGG just hurry up I have a date tonight "I hear nick saythrough the water

I turn the tap off and step out wrapping the towel around myself

"With who TARA AGAIN "I say as I walk out the bathroom. Iwalk into my clean fresh room newly renovated since the room next to mine wasempty dad thought that as a sweet 16 birthday present renovating will do,surely he got that right I need heaps of room for my clothes, makeup and jewellerynot to mention the step in wardrobe as a gift from nick filled with shoes eversince he got a part time job he's been so much more nicer. I have a large royal queen bed placed in the middle andthen a bunk bed on the edge near the window those beds are specially placedthere for Tasha and Amanda my best friends who always sleep over.

Its 6.40 I put on a tight shirt and mini shorts its Thursdaywhich means dance lessons I always go on Thursdays nick drops me off and thenlater goes to taras house his new girlfriend if I had a flower for every timehe had a new girlfriend I would have a garden to walk into,anyways it's a newyear I wasn't going to care about what nicks going to do with his life in factI was pretty excited Tasha and Amanda where joining dance class I have been goingdance since I was 10 nick use to go soccer but then he quit soon after he metone of the cheerleaders Catherine A.K.A his first girlfriend they stared datingthat's when he told mum he was going to quit dad and mum went ballistic andgave him a lecture they couldn't believe it nick. They always thought nickwould grow and represent London in the world cup be a star, but of course I knewthat wasn't going to happen , that wasn't the type of person nick is.

I skip down the stairs and walk into the dining room wheremum is feeding Georgia my little sister dads sitting reading the paper.

"Morning princess "dad says as I press down the toaster myfeet tapping on the floor

"Are you nervous "mum says coming towards to cuddle me?

"Mom... I'm not 5 I'm not scared of the first day of theyear" I groan

"I know it's just I'm so happy for you it was just yesterdayI had you on my lap singing you lallybys"I hear mum saying as she staring atdad you know those things your parents do somehow I think they do it to annoyyou"

I grab my toast and try to walk out not wanting to hear anymore.

That's when nick comes in his staring in the mirror brushing his fingers through his hair sometimes I think nick has all the best bodyfeatures beautiful hazel brown eyes perfect eyebrows and lashes, perfect noseand mouth the cheekiest smile any girl would die to be with him. I don't blamehim for getting all the good looks surely he could have left some for me, Icould just go on tall not to fat nor to skinny he is so evenly perfected out.

"Nick hurry please I don't want to be late "I speak walking towards him

"Chillax maddy you will be fine"he says as he flicks my cheek

"Go wait in the car I will bethere in a sec "he speaks walking to the dining room

I step into nicks car which is so clean it's so hard to imagine, shortly after nick comes in he flicks his hair and sprays some lynx on.

"Do I look good" he speaks looking through the reverse mirror

"Nick you're a guy "I say stunned firstly guys are meant to be ...guys and secondly what more could he want he obviously cant see whats their.

"SO..... It doesn't mean that guys can't be you know... pretty "he chuckled