Stain and Midoriya

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"H-Hero K-Killer..."

I did not mean to encounter him nor expect what came next.

"I've been keeping an eye on you Midoriya"

"I am the Hero Killer Stain as you may already know."

"I have no intention to kill you, on the contrary~ I want to speak with you"

I didn't want to follow or talk to him but I did anyway. He explained what he went through and why I should hate heros for they are fakes.

I wanted to run away from him but I couldn't, I was just there, frozen.

The more he spoke the more clearer his intentions became. I now admired him. I saw Heros as Evil.

"The reason behind me approaching you is because I wanted to ask if you would like to rid this world of the fake heros! Those who roll in the glory! Rejoice at the defeat of evil! Those 'Heros' that are hypocrites..."

Something inside of me snapped.

"Stain... I want to rid this world of the fake heros." "How can I help?"

He smirked and asked me one simple question

"What is your quirk?"

To this I replied "one for all"

I explained what it was and how it worked. He found it interesting and told me:

"Your quirk may not be all useful on its own." "You will learn how to gain multiple quirks from blood." "I couldn't learn this technique myself but something tells me, you can."

I visited Stain more and more often and eventually was able to use a new quirk.

"Blood Gain"

This is the name we gave it. You can use someone else's quirk for up to an hour or more depending on how much blood you take. The process is simple.

1. Collect or take someone's blood
2. Drink or insert the blood into yourself (the more blood the stronger the quirk and the longer it lasts)
3. The intake of the blood will give the user the quirk of the person's blood
4. The limit of blood one can intake per day is 5 (too much can cause the user to collapse and possibly die)

Stain and I came to an agreement of how to rid the world of the fake heros. Of course I wasn't going to do this to just get rid of heros.

I wanted revenge.

Between me and Stain we would rid the world of the fake heros and of the people who made fun of me.

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