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( chapter three: the ghostbusters )


october 31st, 1984

another morning, another day at school. so far my classes were alright, but neither max or macy had become friends with anyone, so they stayed together.

today was october 31st, possibly the most spookiest night of any other night. this occasion didn't really matter to macy. she's never been into dressing up into something she's not. she never will, until tonight.

macy and max walked side by side, the heels of our shoes clicking against the smooth tiled floors of hawkins middle school. about a mile or so away is where hawkins high school was. that's where billy would be attending, but that doesn't matter at this point.

their class had just ended, so it was now lunch once again. macy's stomach growled, causing her to grab her water bottle from inside her backpack and gulp it all in one.

"hey i'll just go to the bathroom real quick. i'll meet you at our lockers," max tapped macy's right and broad shoulder so she could see her, and macy had nodded her head once she did.

once there was a turn for the bathroom, max had entered and macy was alone again. taking a huge sigh, macy turned her body to face her locker, enter the combo, and finally open it.

from the corner of her blue eyes, macy could see two boys in a costume staring at her. in fact, they were the only boys in their halloween costumes at school. macy waved towards their direction, and realized they were lucas and dustin.

they were taken back by macy's sudden reaction, and started walking towards the girl.

"i guess i gotta call the ghostbusters over whenever i need them, right?" macy had cocked an eyebrow at the two, taking in the scene before her eyes.

both dustin and lucas were in ghostbuster outfits, or should you say costumes, and macy gave them a bright smile. they both didn't know what to say afterwards, but just stood at her locker awkwardly.

a group of girls walked past the two in costumes, laughing and whispering to each other about being the only ones. macy was at her locker to witness it all unfold in front of her. the same had happened with will and mike, which gave will anxiety.

when the group of boys had walked into the school, people started teasing them. they questioned why people weren't wearing any costumes this year. everyone had dressed up last year, didn't they?

"who you gonna call? the nerds!" a kid shouted in the halls, which made macy get chills.

it's not she was embarrassed about being with the boys in costumes, she got chills from her past. being bullied and all alone, and that was one of her reasons to be ecstatic for moving to hawkins with her new family.

it wasn't like the kids who were teasing them were making fun of macy, she just didn't like the feeling of others getting teased. "don't let those idiots get to you guys, you guys look cool."

dustin's frown had turned upside down and lucas' nerves shaken off. macy wasn't one to just sit back and let things happen anymore, she had to face them whether she liked it or not.

once macy shut her locker, a figure of her sister came in view. max realized who macy was talking to, and immediately ignored eye contact on purpose and open her own locker.

macy's back gently laid back on her locker, right leg over left as she waited to see max handle with dustin and lucas.

"hi max," dustin begins, "i'm dustin,"

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