Chapter 8: PrinCass and Oshea@night

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        "I hate her." Cass groaned and put her head into her arms. "I swear on all the goodness of this earth, there is something wrong with that woman."

        By the woman, Cass was referring to her not-so-sane roomie.

        Ian rolled his eyes, "yeah, yeah. So you've said. C'mon it wasn't that bad."

        "Oh, it wasn't that bad." Cass looked up and glared at him, her voice rising to a higher pitch with every word. "That woman just had to go make a whole ruckus in the frick frackin' bar." The last word caught in her throat and she choked on her spit angrily.

        "Hey, your sister was the one who was hanging out with a bunch of druggies the other day."

        "That does not mean anything."

        "No, no. Look, see this bruise? Where did I get it? Oh, yeah. Saving your damn sister."

        "I said thank you and sorry already, so shut up and listen to me rant about everything."

        "I can hear you."

        "What? Of course you can hear me you idiot! I'm in the same frick frackin' room as you! Is there a difference?"

        "Yes, listening is when you actually think about what you heard, hearing is what you do when you don't care. Remember?" Ian smirked, quoting Cass from the phone call with her dad.

        Cass hissed exasperatedly, "Shut up."

        "You shut up."

        "Can't you just stop talking for a moment and let me rant?"

        "Not when you're talking about my friend. I know, Lynn might be a bit crazed-"

        Cass snorted and threw her hands up into the air, the pencil flying up in a grand arc before clattering back down on her desk. "Hah! Crazed. Drunk. Illiterate."

        "Yes, all of the above. But her heart's in the right place. She's a good person."

        "I don't believe that one bit, Ian."

        He rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time. "Yeah, you don't believe anything I say."

        "I told you. I told you both, I did not want to go to any bar, I did not want drink any kind of alchohol, and most of all, I did not want to associate with any kind of person who did go to bars and-"

        "Yeah, I know. You've already told me."

        Two hours earlier, Ian and Lynn had kidnapped Cass and driven her to Theo's bar, saying that it was a good experience for her. Despite her struggles, they had double-teamed her and managed to get her into Ian's truck, spitting curses much worse than her usual 'to frick-frackin hell's. Of course, being in a bar, Lynn had gotten herself a couple of shots, and began provoking the other customers. Ian and Cass had to drag her back to the dorms, under the gaze of creeped out pedestrians.

        The one thing Cass hated most: being watched. She'd gotten enough glances to last her a whole week.

        And that brought them to the present. Cass was sitting at the desk, pencil in hand, stabbing aggressively at her poor eraser. Lynn was taking a shower to wake herself up, and Ian was sitting on her bed rolling his eyes at everything Cass said.

        Cass slammed her hand down on the table and pushed her stool back, it's uneven metal legs clattering against the floor loudly. She snarled at Ian, who had looked at her reproachfully, and walked up to her bed. She got down on her knees and lifted the bed covers to look under her bed. Cass stuck a hand inside and shifted it around. Lynn had her secret stash of food? So did Cass. Except Lynn's wasn't so secretive anymore.

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