Chapter 5: As Time Flies

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        Cass had stayed really late at The Shack last night, and by the time she went home, it was too late to start her sketch. But that didn't matter. Lynn had given her a bit of beer, and Cass was feeling a bit dizzy. There was no way she'd be able to start a nice sketch tonight. She was super elated and collapsed on her bed, holding her hand to her chest.

        "He touched my hand, he touched my hand." she rolled around, giggling. Thank god Lynn wasn't home. She'd stayed back with Terry, and promised Cass that she'd be back by morning. "I danced with him. Like a fairy tale." she whispered to herself. Cass grabbed a pillow and started squeezing it. "Hooray, hooray, hooray!"

        She looked at her posters fondly and pointed at them. "You.. are my friends." her speech was slurred, and she giggled to herself. She sounded a bit like the drunk Lynn. Cass snapped up, causing her mind to go blank for a second. "I have to blog!" she pulled out her phone and clicked open a new post.

'OMG! My roommie dragged me out tonight, and was I ever glad! I met this super amazing dude and he looks exactly like my dream prince! He'd look soooo hot with a crown!!! Wish me luck, I'm seeing him on thursday to work on our sketches! XD'

- Posted by PrinCass on 'In Need of a Prince' 2:07am, September 21

        She stared at her phone fondly. Come to think of it, Jared had asked her for her number at The Shack, and Cass had wrote it on his arm with a pen he conveniently carried around all the time, according to Terry. She didn't have his.

        Right on cue, the phone vibrated and it's screen lit up.

        496-235-XXXX: Hey!

        Cass was about to pounce on the phone, but she remembered that she was a princess, therefore she was self composed and not going to reply just yet. Rin had always taught her that if she wanted boys to look her way, she had to act like she was too good for them. Cass never really paid attention to Rin's rants, but for the first time in forever she was glad she had Rin as her sister.

        She stared at the screen longingly, and after a few seconds the light turned off and Cass was left with a dark phone. She was going to wait a few more minutes. Sorry Jared.

        The phone buzzed again.

        496-235-XXXX: I'm kinda nervous right now... :)

        And again.

        496-235-XXXX: Thanks for dancing with me!

        And again.

        496-235-XXXX: Freshman Cass, are u ignoring me?

        This time, Cass grabbed her phone and texted him an answer back immediately.

        Cass: No, sorry! :) I was getting ready to sleep. lol.

        She gave herself a facepalm. What the frick frackin' hell Cass, she thought to herself, now he's gonna think you're naive! His friends probably don't sleep at 12:00! Plus that smiley face was pretty sad. How can a smiley face be sad? Either way, she recorded his number in her contact book.

        Jared: Oh, I'm sorry! Shoo shoo, go sleep. I'll see you on Thursday.

        She shut her phone off and sat there on her bed. That's right.

        Cass decided to work on her art project tomorrow, afterall, she wanted it to be her best work.

        On Thursday, Jared was going to be impressed.

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