I'm a Consulting Criminal

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Hey everyone! So this is my first story, I hope you all like it! Please forgive me for any grammatical and spelling errors, because there are going to be a lot xD

**Setting the story**

You were walking home from work. None of the cabs would seem to take you, they were almost... afraid. You lived in 221C, the great Sherlock Holmes and the less great John Watson were your neighbors. You would help them with cases here and there but they were really your distraction from your work.

It started to rain halfway home. But suddenly, the rain had stopped. What the... You look up to find an Umbrella. Just after you here a deep Irish accent "Hello love" the man purred "need a ride", you looked up at him. Who is he, why was he following me. All these questions were running trough your mind when you realized he was waiting for his answer. "Sir, I don't even know your name..."

"Where are my manners! I am Moriarty"

"Nice to meet you, I'm (y'n)

"I shall ask you again, would you like a lift?'

"yeah" you smile at him "I think I would"

As soon as you said the word Moriarty snapped his fingers and a nice black car appears and Moriarty opens the door for you. You slide in and leave plenty of space, but of course he sits in the middle so you two are forced to have a conversation with each other. "Where do you live?" he asks

"221C Baker Street"

His eyes light up, you wonder why...

"I would like to see you again Ms. (y/l/n)"

How did h know your last name, you never told him your last name.

"Sure, I would love to" you say with a smile, even though you are nervous

You reach 221C and you say your goodbyes, he plants a kiss on your cheek and opens the door for you and watches you enter your home.

As soon as you enter your house you run up the stairs and yell his name "Sherlock!" and just then you find a slip of paper in your coat pocket that wasn't there when you were in the car. It was a note from the mysterious man.  







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