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Thank you for reading Constant Craving! I really appreciate it — this was such a special book to write!

You might be wondering: what am I going to read next?

I have some recommendations for you! They're all super sexy and I think you'll enjoy them. Some are Paid Stories, while many others are free. (Remember: you can watch ads to earn coins in many countries).

The question is: what are you in the mood for?

If you loved the world of Constant Craving, you can stay there and read about new characters:

- SNOW ANGEL is a book set in the future, and it's about Rafael and Justine's son. It's a Wattpad Paid Story.

- TELL ME A STORY is about Caleb and Colin King. They're brothers who you met in the last chapter of CONSTANT CRAVING. TELL ME A STORY will be released February 12 on Wattpad as a Paid Story.

- TELL ME A FANTASY is a FREE story, and it's about Colin King.

If you're looking for books with slightly less angst and drama than Constant Craving because you want something lowkey and romantic:

- Try reading ALL I KNOW ( and ALL I WANT ( They are FREE, and are the first two books in my Paradise Beach series. They're sweet and funny and hot! More of the books will be coming to Wattpad this spring.

If you're looking for more suspense with your sexytimes:

- Read The Burning Secrets series. DIRTY LIES ( is FREE. DIRTY SECRETS ( and DIRTY GAMES ( are Paid Stories.

And finally, check out my new murder mystery novella. (Okay, there is some romance LOL) It's free and I'm writing it for the Open Novella Contest! I'll be posting later in February. ICE CREAM WITH A SIDE OF CYANIDE can be found here:

If you want stories about powerful men and snarky women:

DRIVE ( and CRASH ( are good fits. They're Paid Stories.

Remember to follow me on Wattpad so you can be notified of new books.

And now for the eye candy...

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