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So yeah... I'm not actually going to be posting on this story for a bit. (Btw, third and final book in the shifter series) I just wanted to give you a peak on what it's going to be about! So yeah...

Also! I was wondering if you guys wanted to do a Q&A? If so, comment down below a question!

Now that you've read all the important stuff I just want to say how happy I am to have so many great and supportive readers! You all give me life and keep me going throughout the day. Even though I have a ton of awful plot holes, even though I make a lot of grammar mistakes in my haste to get a new chapter out, even though I go missing for two months sometimes (sorry about that to you guys who have been here during that), you guys still stick with me. I'm glad that there's even one person able to read what I've created.

I can't even put into words how much I love your comments! You guys make me laugh, smile, cry, and sometimes do all three at the same time! It amazes how many people spend just a little bit of their time to read something I wrote. A person who throughout their entire life has just been overlooked. It really makes me feel so grateful for all of you! I wish I could just find each and everyone of you and give ya a big hug! (That wouldn't be too weird, would it?)

I also just want to say that if any of you guys are going through a hard time, need someone to talk to, or are just bored, you can always shoot me a private message!

The point of this entire, cliche thank you note to you guys is that I appreciate you and love you. Keep on being beautiful my darlings, and keep on doing what you love!

😘😍😊😂🍋 (So happy they have a lemon emoji!)

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