Sakurauchi Riko x Male! Cold! Reader

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Music with the power of the Sun.

I wonder, since when I feel this way? Like there's nothing inside, not even emotions, just that little voice that guides all my life.

My name is (F/N) (L/N), I have nineteen years old, so I should be studying in the University but for some reason I decided not to continue with this. That life where we all are destined to continue working since our very birth, I left my friends and my family back at (Country's name). Why? No matter how I explain it to them, they all say I fled from my problems, but how can I have problems if nothing disturbs me? I cannot even feel love, not even a family one.

Even though, there is one thing in this world that can cause me to feel alive again, Music, even more if it is a piano. It makes me relax and make feel emotions like love, hatred or sadness because it makes me realize how my life has been and every time I listen to it, I am a step closer to discover how I transform into this lack of expression.

Where am I? I do not even know, I have been walking for ten hours without a destiny, just listening to a more modern version of Mozart, you can say it is a remix of Requiem that got to conserve that magical piano that only he could play.

Analyzing my current location I can see that I manage to get to a coastal town in Japan, seeking for a name I could see a sign, Uchiura. Thanks to the piano, I started to panic right now, how do I even get here?! How far am I from Tokyo? I started to walk in circles while I was thinking on how to get back, until the song ended.

I got my earbuds off and started thinking rationally, maybe there is a train station somewhere in here, but I will have to enter the town to search for it. Once I realized this, I started to walk again, ignoring my legs that begged me to stop.

Apart from my white earbuds, I am wearing a black open hoodie with a (Favorite Color) shirt inside with blue jeans and red and white sporty tennis shoe.

After fifteen more minutes, I arrived to an inn. Now, seeing the sky I realize that the sunlight is dying and the stars are starting to appear along with the moon. Maybe I can rent a room in here; I really need the rest, so I started searching for money in my pocket only to realize that I have none, not even a Yen. I just shrug it off while sighing and started to walk away until a girl called my name.

"Hey! Would you like to stay in the Inn for tonight?" That girl, when I turn around to face her, I realized that she had an orange hair and some sparkling pink eyes, she seems so much bright for me, like if she got close she can even make me faint away, even though I think that she can help me, I only need to convince her to let me in without being too noticeable. She is wearing her school uniform.

"Sorry little girl, but I have no money in me" I said with a sigh and with my best impression of a sad tone.

"Oh..." Was the only answer I got until I started to walk away.

"Wait!" That voice was different, a smooth one, a sweet one, not too cheerful yet not too cold towards me, when I turn to face her, or them, I noticed a girl that I ignored all this time and I wonder how could I not notice her? She had a dark red hair with golden-like eyes, she seems like the calm girl but that can be the crazy one if she wanted to, her look was just passing through me, although it was gentle I could still feel the warm coming from her ignoring the distance that was between me and her. Also, she is wearing the same uniform as the other girl.

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