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"What just happened?" Pidge asked

"Who cares? Wormhole!" Hunk yelled and the wormhole opened and the castle went through it and something hit the wormhole before it closed

"Coran, what's happening?" Shiro asked

"The integrity of the wormhole has been compromised. It's breaking down!" Coran yelled

"What does that mean?" Lance asked

"It means we have no control over where we're headed!" Coran rephrased. The Red and Black Lion flew put of the docking bay and out of the wormhole.

Keith was trying to get the lion the work but nothing. Realizing this, Keith grabbed my hand, "The whole thing I said about you not getting hurt, counts for this too!" He said as we fell towards the ground of a planet.

"No promises!" I said

Keith pulled me onto his lap and hugged me. I hugged him back. I just hoped the rest of the paladins and Allura and Coran would be safe and we would all find each other.

The lion crashed on the ground. Keith and I broke up our hug, "You okay?" Keith asked

"Yeah. You?" I asked

"Fine." He replied and I got off of him. Keith moved the levers to the Red Lion "You okay, Red?" No response, "Okay. We'll fix you up. We had a tough battle." Keith stood up and opened a hatch in the ceiling and climbed out of the lion. Keith gave me a hand doing the same.

I stood next to my mullet boyfriend and looked over the deserted planet. There was only rocks for miles.

"Where are we?" Keith asked

"Where did we landed?" I added.

Keith gasped in realization. "Shiro. Shiro!" Keith yelled into his comms. No reply.

"Come on, we've got to find Shiro." Keith said.

We hopped off the Red Lion and started running in a direction. "Shiro, can you hear me? Shiro? Shiro, are you there?" Keith yelled into comms,"Shiro, are you there? Answer me!" Keith yelled as we both ran

"Keith. I'm here. Keith." I heard Shiro finally say, he did sound in pain though.

"Shiro, it's Keith." Keith said

"Shiro, you okay?" I asked him

"Keith, Valerie, I'm here. I'm okay." He replied

"Shiro, you made it." Keith sighed in relief

"It takes more than a glowing alien wound, a fall from the upper atmosphere, and crashing into a hard pan surface, at what I'm guessing is about 25 meters per second squared, to get rid of me. How are you guys?" Shiro asked

"Not good. My lion's busted." Keith told him

"What wound?" I asked him

"It's nothing." Shiro reassured me

"Hang on, we're coming." Keith said

"On second thought, you'd better hurry." Shiro told us. Keith grabbed my waist and used his jetpack to speed up the process.

"Shiro, what happened?" Keith asked

There's several creatures." Shiro informed us. Keith continued flying/running with me in his arms. A hot spring poped up from the ground causing some minor delays, but we made our way to a cliff

"Uh-oh." Keith said

"Keith, Valerie, are you guys okay? What happened?" Shiro asked

"Minor delay, but we're on our way. How are you?" Keith replied

"I'm all right, but I'm trapped in a cave, and some nasty-looking creatures have me cornered." Shiro said

"Stay put. We'll be there soon. Just have to figure this out." I told him

Keith and I looked around them he room or his bayard, "take our your blade." He instructed me. I took out my blade and it transformed into a sword.

"Patience yields focus." Keith muttered

"That really stayed with you, didn't it?" Shiro asked him

"You've given me some good advice. If it wasn't for you, my life would have been a lot different." Keith said and smiled at me

"Yeah. You wouldn't have crashed a flying lion on an alien planet and be stuck with little hope of rescue. So, you're welcome." Shiro sarcastically said

"Stay with me, Shiro." Keith said before slicing through the rock and water shot out and allowed my raven haired boyfriend to fly across to the other side. I followed his lead and grabbed onto the edge on the other side and Keith pulled me up

"Keith! Val!" Shiro yelled

"Hang on. We're on our way." Keith informed him

"Good, because these guys just started digging." Shiro said

Keith started flying and I ran beside him. It was a bit of a run but finally we found something

"Shiro, I have a visual on the Black Lion." Keith said as we got down. I saw Shiro fall down and his helmet had fallen off.

"Go help Shiro." Keith said and ran over to the Black Lion. I slide down the rocks with my blade in hand. I saw Shiro struggling with some giant purple lizards. I ran towards him and slashed at one of the creatures.

"Where's Keith?!" Shiro questioned

"He ran off towards the Black Lion!" I told him. And as if on cue, the Black Lion landed above Shiro and I. The lizards ran off. I smiled, "Good timing Keith." I told him.

I helped Shiro get into his lion and we stood by Keith who flew back the Red Lion. Keith landed once we got to Red. We got his lion up and working again then started a small fire.

"Thanks for saving me." Shiro told us after awhile. We were sitting around the fire. I was leaning against Keith while he had an arm around me. Shiro was on the other side of Keith.

"You'd have done the same for us." Keith said

"How's your wound?" I asked Shiro

"My wound's great. It's getting bigger all the time." Shiro joked, "Just trying to lighten the mood." He added

"Hang in there. When Allura and Coran find us, they'll fix you right up." Keith reassured him

"Keith, if I don't make it out of here I want you to lead Voltron." Shiro told the mullet boy

"Stop talking like that. You're gonna make it." Keith told him. I was a little shocked about Shiro said and Keith's reaction. Keith would be a good leader if he opened up the the team more. I heard a wormhole open and looked up and saw the Green Lion and the Castle.

"They found us." I smiled as Keith and I stood up. We helped Shiro up and he got in the Black Lion while we went to the Red Lion.

We flew to the castle and got in. Then we made another jump and got Hunk and Lance. Keith and I got Shiro into a cryo-pod. We then headed off to the bridge to meet with the others.

"You think we're both somewhat Galra?" I asked

"Your thinking about what Zarkon said? How we both fight like Galra soldiers?" Keith asked

"Yeah." I sighed

"Hey." Keith said and we stopped walking. "If we are Galra, we let the team know and we all figure it out together." Keith pulled me in and hugged me. I hugged him back and we then continued on our way to the bridge.

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