Chapter 3: Hey Sister-Sister

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        Cass paused slightly before knocking on Rin's room. Her hand was in the air, ready to knock, but she just... couldn't.

        She and Rin hadn't talked for the past week. Cass couldn't even remember the last time that had happened. She guessed that was partially her fault. She'd been pretty damn pissed at Rin for ditching her. But still.

        Wasn't it the twin sister's job to make up after every argument?

        People walking around stared at her weirdly, looks of curiosity and pity crossing their eyes.

        "Who is that girl?"

        "What the hell is she doing, man?"

        Cass felt like melting into the floor. Finally, she summoned up her courage and knocked.

        There was no response. "Rin? Are you there?" Cass tried to keep her voice low so people wouldn't notice. Hah. Like that was going to happen. "Rin, I know you're in there."

        She knocked on the door again. And again. And again.

        Finally, on her fourth try, the door was yanked open.

        "What do you want, Cass!" Rin stood there in the doorway, arms folded across her chest, glaring at Cass.

        Cass looked down. "What the hell are you wearing?"

        A T-shirt. A frickin' T-Shirt.

        Sure, it was a nice T-Shirt, but. What. The. Hell.

        That was it. Was she wearing pants underneath? Wait, never mind. Cass didn't want to know.

        "Rin, why are you walking around half-naked in your room?"

        "What do you mean?" Rin leaned casually onto the wall, not caring if the people walking around in the hall saw her or not.

        Cass looked around over her shoulder and whispered in a hushed voice. "Rin, that's not normal."

        "What do you know about normal? All you do is lock yourself up in your room and dream about princes and whatnot." Rin scoffed.

        Cass gasped, partly from shock at her attitude, partly from anger. "Excuse me? At least I don't walk around naked."

        "Hell, I can do whatever I want now, Cass."

        "Can we just talk? About like, our new life? Us?"

        "Oh, sister-sister dear," Rin rolled her eyes angrily. "Could you please stay out of my business? My life? It's not our life anymore. That's not how things work now."

        Cass was taken aback by her hostility. "Wait, what? I just wanted to talk-"

        "Why are you even here? In front of my room?"

        "I wanted to talk to you. Y'know, maybe we could talk about our friends or something-"

        "Cass, no. Just, stop. I don't understand why you always cling on to me like that. Let me go." Rin snorted and looked at Cass like she always did when she thought that she knew better.

        It was the 'I'm cool and you're ugly' look and Cass hated it, because frick, they had the same damn face.

        Rin wrinkled her nose at her and frowned, like she did when faced by a frustrating math problem. Was that all Cass was to her? Another annoying probem?

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