Donchard (THQ AU)

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Don's POV

I was walking with Dres (I AM NOT CURSING EVEN IF I CURSED IN THE LAST ONE. THAT WAS THE LYRICS.). I was late at night and Duni told us to go bring his boyfriend Uni because he needs to be 'punished' after blowing up his Halloween party. I assume making out with him then the boyfriend thing will return. It was late at night and Dres wanted to come for some reason. I would have been fine either way if he was my boyfriend. I actually had a crush on him since everyone was taken or killed (R.I.P Cory). We have gotten our selves lost. "Great, where do we go here?" He asked. "I don't even know." I answered (Don: Why is this a ship? Luna: SHUT UP BEFORE I MAKE YOU KISS Nick). It started to rain and I saw a cave was near by. "Great, it's starting to rain. I see a cave near by. Wanna go inside?" I asked. He nodded and we went in. There was place to set up fire so Dres started to make the fire. I quickly look at him and looked away. A blush came up and went away easily. 'This was going to be a long night' I thought as I sat down on one of the stones.

Dres's POV

I finished making the fire and sat on the opposite side of Don. He look cute sitting there. He went off into his own universe. Today was the day I was going to tell. 'This is going to be wierd' I said. "Hey Don" I said. "Have you ever liked someone in your life?" I continued. "Yes actually" Don answered. 'This can go either way' I thought. "Let me guess. You have a crush on........... Ashley." He gussed. I would have killed by now if I didn't love him. "No, why would say that?" I asked a little angry. "Because you probably have a crush on someone" Don said. "Well what if I was talking to him right now?" I asked. I saw him blush and before I knew it, I was sitting right next to him. "Because that is true." I continued. His blush was now redder than blood. "So, you want to be my boyfriend?" He asked without stuttering. I slam my lips into his. He was in shocked at first, then he wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we stay like that for minutes. "Sure, but lets keep it a secret." I answered and went in for another kiss.


Jon's POV

We were walking back to the cave near Vlad's masion until I got stopped by ghost Cory. "Don and Dres are dating." He said. "Then I'll go date Ashley to see who is the better kisser." I joked. "THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT" he yelled. "I know, and is he coming after us?" I asked. He replied with a simple "yes". "I'll go tell them." I said. "How did you get the information?" He asked. "Letters." I said. Ashley came up to me and Cory turned invisible. "Hey Jo-" She said before I slam my lips into hers. I pulled away and asked "Who is the better kisser? Me or Don?" . I could barely notice that Cory was face palming himself. "You." Ashley answered. 'That was awesome' I thought to myself as Ashley, Cory and I went back to the group.

Hey Lovers. This chapter was requested by RainbowStar812. I need request and please send me Sky media one shots. I called this 'NSC and Sky media one shots' for a reason. All I have been getting are NSC one shots and like, Vanoss and friends ships are fine by me. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

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