Chapter 36

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"I dare you to kiss Harry on the mouth."

The tension that fell in the room after that sentence could literally be cut with a knife. Everything went silent, even Dan and Angela were surprised by the dare. They were probably aware that Niall and I had had something going on but that it was over. Well, I was pretty damn sure Ed did at least, so the question was; why in the name of God did he dare him to kiss me? This was just not making sense. What was going on?

I looked at Ed with wide eyes before turning to meet Niall's gaze. To my surprise, he gave me a small smile and a shrug. I was sure he would be as shocked by this as everyone else was, or at least be against it, but it seemed like the opposite. It was like he expected the dare, which only made me even more confused.

Slowly, Niall got on his knees and started leaning towards me. My eyes widened even more by his action and I turned my gaze to Louis. The shock was now gone from his face, replaced by anger and jealousy instead. His hands were clenched into fists. Well, at least the one that was by his side, I couldn't tell about the one around Eleanor's waist... There was no doubt he didn't like this though, and again, it made me happy that he showed some sort of reaction. He still had trouble controlling himself around me after all.

Suddenly, I could feel a pair of hands on my shoulders, turning me slightly to the left. I looked into a pair of blue eyes, but not the same blue I had started falling in love with, unfortunately. Niall's face was close, too close for it to be comfortable.

"I'm sorry," he whispered sincerely as he leaned in even more to close the gap between our mouths.

I could barely feel his lips ghost over mine when his entire presence suddenly disappeared altogether. Confused by the action, I opened my eyes that I had closed when his face got too close. Don't even ask me why I hadn't just pushed him away myself. It must be because of the alcohol because I was certain I didn't want him to kiss me. The only lips I wanted on mine belonged to the person who was sitting across from me.

However, when my eyes were open, I noticed that Louis wasn't sitting there anymore. Instead, he was hovering over Niall as he had a tight grip on his collar. "Don't you fucking dare," he snapped, glaring at the blonde-haired boy.

Niall's eyes widened as he shook his head frantically. He didn't say anything though, and that was probably for the best because it looked like Louis would kill him if he just so much as dared open his mouth.

"And you," Louis hissed, turning his cold eyes to me. "I'd like to have a word with you, immediately."

With that said, he let go of Niall and grabbed a hold of my bicep. The grip was very tight and I knew right away that it would leave a mark. Without even wincing though, I frowned at the feathery-haired boy. I mean, I hadn't even done anything? Why did he want to talk to me?

"Alright, calm down, Tomlinson," Ed chuckled, and when I turned to him, I noticed that he was trying his best not to laugh loudly.

Louis snapped his head to look at the red-haired boy, his face growing even angrier. "What the fuck do you have to do with anything?"

Ed raised his eyebrows, raising his hands in surrender. "A better question would be what you have to do with all this, but alright," he shrugged, sending him a wink.

Louis just growled at him before turning back to me. "Now," he urged, helping me up with the grip he had on my bicep.

He started pulling me towards the door, but before it closed behind us, I could see how Eleanor looked as shocked as ever while Ed was laughing and Niall just looked really sad. I didn't have time to think more about them though, because soon enough, Louis was slamming the bathroom door shut behind us, practically pushing my back to it.

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