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Pen Your Pride

Hello everyone! So basically this is a very, very, very short Chapter, because I'm leaving tomorrow or today, actually to head to the One Direction Concert! Basically what's going to happen is I'm going to have a stroke when Niall sings 'Stereo Hearts' and I'm going to die. I also might pee myself a little, but we wont worry about that. So I hope you enjoy this guys! And I'll see you after the concert!
Love, Maya

Maya's P.O.V.

I gasped as my arms were being pinned behind me. I felt a strong, muscular arm, wrapping around my waist, securing me tightly into place. My struggles were effortless against the person in charge of this, and I begged silently for the person to stop. 

I felt my body fling back, as the person pulled me into their chest, now making it even harder to struggle against, and I eventually gave up and stood their with my heart beating fast. I was being kidnapped, I wanted to scream so badly, but nothing came out of my mouth. 

I felt my head being pulled back and resting on the persons shoulder, I dare not look into the villain's eyes, as I was afraid of being hurt. Their lips slightly brushed along the nape of my neck, and crawled up, stopping at the tip of my ear. 

The man's husky voice rang through my ear. "We have unfinished business" It was only then did I know that Louis was the person behind this.

Knowing it was him now, I knew he would never hurt me, he swore himself that he never would. But I never swore back, I quickly stomped my foot on his, sending his arms up from my waist, releasing me from his grasp.

I turned around, and stared at the boy who was bending over, clutching his foot, almost looking like he was in pain. His green eyes flickered up to meet mine, and he broke a straight face. 

"What the fuck was that about?" I hissed, crossing my arms and slowly backing away from him. 

He was standing up straight now, one hand on his hip and the other rubbing his fingers slowly between his brows. He chuckled a bit before laughing. "I so got you!" He said in between breathes. "You should have seen yourself." 

Was this his way of a joke? Because if it was, it was seriously not funny at all. I saw an old shoe lying on the floor next to me, and I quickly picked it up, chucking it at him, and letting it hit him smack in the jaw.

"Ow! What the fu-" He said, rubbing his cheek. But I cut him off.

"What kind of sick joke was that Tomlinson?" I shouted, clenching my fist, I used everything in my power to keep myself from punching him. "And what's with this sassy attitude? If this is about back at the hotel-" 

He cut me off, as he held up a finger to his lips. "What's wrong with me? I should ask you yourself, honestly saying all of that rubbish about me and myself?" He started coming towards me, and I didn't make a move to turn around. 

I scoffed. "Me, talking rubbish on you? Please, the only one talking rubbish, or shall I say 'shit' in American terms, was you." Now that he was only a couple inches away from me, I poked him in the stomach hard with each word I said. "Saying that I didn't care about you guys, pathetic." 

It was silent for a moment. I looked back up at the teenage boy, who honestly didn't look like a teenager at all. His eyes dropped, and their suddenly wasn't a happy, nor sad expression on his face. He just looked, lifeless. I knew I had gone to far, and I felt bad. I didn't know what else to say, or what to do at this point. 

I had just made Louis Tomlinson cry. 

I heard a slight sniff, and that's when I knew I had to say something. "Listen Louis, I-" 

I felt a finger place gently on my lips. Louis half smiled, and cleared his throat before speaking. "I'm sorry Maya. I really am, I'm sorry for turning into this sick, monster that you call a friend. That is, if you even consider me one still." He mumbled the last part out, and I felt my whole heart sink.

"Of course I'm your friend Louis" I said, letting my lips touch the finger that was still placed on them. But he didn't move it at all, giving me a weird feeling in my gut. 

"Don't apologize." His eyes softened, and a small smile curved on the edges of his lips. "Its just that, lately, I've been feeling something, and It's been confusing me, and I just really don't know what to do. I've let it affect me, you, and the guys too." He sighed, removing his finger from my lips and placing it at his side. 

"What is it Lou, tell me." I pleaded. There was something unusual about this situation, as he kept looking at me deep into my eyes, but yet his smile seemed flat and off. 

His hand slowly moved back up, and he cupped my cheek with his slightly chilled hand, his finger pallets sending me chills in which they were placed. I was so confused at this point, that all I could do was blush and give him a strange look. 

His cheeks burned red, and he finally sighed before saying; "Eleanor, I lov-" 

Dramatic Ending, Duh duh duh! 

So yeah, I wrote a short chapter cause I'm probably going to be in the hospital after having a stroke at the Concert on Saturday. So I hope you guys like it!


Leave your answers below ! :) 

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