Break Up Or Make Up Part 2.

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Kris:"Okay so you know the drill"She said making me chuckle and nod.

Y/n:"Dont say to much and answer what you can and if they spin the questions around just ask another question to top it off or just try to drift from it"I said getting up from my chair and smiling at her"I know the rules Mama Kris"I said making her chuckle and hug me.

Kris:"Okay, now go out there!"She said pushing me out the dressing room making me chuckle a little and follow someone to the room. I was waiting for the to introduce me when I got a text from someone who's been on my mind lately.


Hey. I know you're doing a interview today but I was wondering if we could hang out later?

I heard my name being called making me shove my phone back into my pocket and walk out greeting Jason Kennedy, who will being interviewing me today. I took a seat and smiled at him making him return it.

Jason:"I haven't seen you in ages! How's things been going with you?"He asked making me smile and chuckle a little.

Y/n:"I've been a little busy but you know how things are these days"I said making him laugh a little.

Jason:"So hows the music going?"He asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Its be going good...definitely good. I know after my tour that I did with the weeknd and stuff I kind of went off the grid but sometimes you just need time to detox and find yourself again"I said.

Jason:"Yeah totally! How is the writing process going?"

Y/n:"Its going good actually. Inspiration is a little hard to find at times but it just suddenly hits you and once it hits you, you can't really stop yourself"I said making him nod.

Jason:"I mean you've been on a role lately"He said making me chuckle a little"You've had multiple shows, interviews, meet and greets and you were offered  contract to do a movie"He said looking at me"Tell me more about that"He said making me nod.

Y/n:"Well my manager, Kris Jenner who is the best just by the way"I said making him laugh a little"called me up and said that she had some news for me so we went out and we were talking and she told me about the movie offer and I was completely shocked but I declined it"I said making him look at me surprised.

Jason:"Really?! Why?"He asked making me shrug.

Y/n:"I'm already so packed with my events and stuff and taking on a movie would just be more stressful right now. I wouldn't mind doing one in the future but for now I would just like to focus on my music and future"I said making him nod. He smirked at me making me look at him questionably.

Jason:"So what's this I hear about you about Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui?"He asked making me look down and blush a little but recover quickly.

Y/n:"Well Lauren and I are just friends so no need to worry about that and Camila is my childhood friend so there's also no worries there"I said making him nod.

Jason:"Then what was up with the picture of you and Camila kissing on stage at the event your family held?"He asked as the picture of us kissing popped up making me look down.

Y/n:"Well it was just something for the fans. We couldn't really think of each other in that way plus we are best friends from the time I was born"I said making laugh and nod.

Jason:"So I see you're hanging our with Kendall and her friends again"He said making me nod. I somehow knew these questions were going to come at me.

Y/n:"Yeah I mean they all have impacted my life a lot and without Kendall or any of them I wouldn't be where I am today. They were there to support me and always help me so I don't think anything will change between us"I answered making him nod.

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