Break Up Or Make Up Part 2.

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I was in a deep sleep when I felt someone whimper next to me making me move a little but ignore it since I was probably hearing things. I heard it again making me eyes shot open and look at the sleeping brunette next to me tossing and turning in her sleep.

Y/n:"Kendall"I said shaking her a little"Kendall wake up"I said trying to wake her up but it wasn't working.

Kendall:"Please don't leave me"She sobbed out making me frown and shake her again.

Y/n:"Baby wake up"I said making her eyes shot open. She jumped on me making me lay flat on the bed as she laid on top of me sobbing.

Kendall:"Y-y/n"She sobbed out making me shush her and sit up so she was straddling me.

Y/n:"Its okay...Y/n/n is here"I said tracing invisible circles on her back calming her down a little"I'm here and I'm not going anywhere"I mumbled and kissed her head making her hug me tighter.

Kendall:"I-I lost you"She said pulling away making me frown. I saw tear stains on her cheeks making me wipe them away and caress her cheek.

Y/n:"What do you mean?"I asked making her wipe a tear that escaped and looked at me with glassy eyes. 

Kendall:"Y-you were in a car accident and-and I was on my way to see you and I was t-to late and you left me"She said crying again making me pull her into a hug and kiss her head"I was t-to l-late and you died"She said sobbing again making me pull her closer to me and kiss her head.

Y/n:"Kenny it was a bad dream...I'm here and I'm okay"I said pulling away and looking at her"I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere"I said making her place her hands on my cheek.


Y/n:"I promise you. I'm not going to leave you...ever"I said making her next move shock me. She connected our lips leaving me shocked for a few seconds but kiss back making her bite my bottom lip and pull it a little making me groan. She pulled away and looked at me panting a little.

Kendall:"I needed that"She mumbled making me nod speechless.

Y/n:"I think I needed you to do that"I said making he giggle a little. I smiled seeing her giggle and gave myself a high five for making her smile and forget about her nightmare.

Kendall:"You're a dork"She said making me shrug and smile at her.

Y/n:"You know it"I said making her giggle once again and smile at me.

Kendall:"Thanks"She said making me look at her confused.

Y/n:"For?"I questioned making her trace my jawline and smile.

Kendall:"For taking my mind of the nightmare and just being there for me...for making me feel safe again"She said making me smile and kiss her forehead.

Y/n:"No need to thank me Kenny....I'm just doing my job"I mumbled making her sigh and lean into my touch.

Kendall:"I'm tired"She mumbled making me lay back so she was laying on top of me.

Y/n:"Get some rest Ken, We can talk tomorrow"I said making her hum and drift of into a deep sleep. Once I made sure she was completely asleep and safe I let myself fall into a deep slumber.


Its been three days since I spent the night and Kendall's and we didn't really talk after because we were both busy. I was currently getting ready for a interview for E! and were going over a few things with Kris. I would be lying if I said the model wasn't on my mind because she is...something about that night just brought back old memories and it made me happy...something  haven't felt in a while.

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