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Cayan James is a 21 year old boy all alone in the world, desperate for work, and is willing to do almost anything to make ends meet, and take care of his sick mother; Roman Steele is a world class business man and a self made Millionaire, he can handle anything and anyone that comes his way, that is until his sister dies and left her one year old twins girls in his care.
Roman is in desperate need of help, and Cayan is in desperate need of a job, what would happen when these two meet..... Will Cayan be able to keep his cool around the Sex God Roman? And will Roman to able to quench his will to control his little cute caramel nanny?.

Hey guys this is a new story, I got the inspiration today as I was coming home.
I was on the bus when the cutest little guy sat next to me, he was chubby but not too fat, not too skinny, he had that just right type of body hahahaha; and I could not help myself thinking about him with a sexy boyfriend..... The fan girl in me squeals just thinking about it so here goes.

This is another Interracial ManxMan story hope you enjoy it :)

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