Graceful Wonder

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Graceful Wonder

I was born on April 10, 1785 as Grace Jewel Julian. I decided, on this fair day, to tell you of my story. It is a story of true love. For in my land, there are many who claim to know it. All are lies. I am not an ordinary person you see. I don't even know of the world you live in or how different it is. I live in a world where Magic is as common as butterflies and as accepted. I will tell you this though. My fate was decided the day I was born. Salias and Daje, our goddesses of the winds North and South, knew my fate before my own mother did.  

The day I was born was the most beautiful day anyone had ever seen. The sky was the clearest blue and there were no clouds. The grass had a light dusting of forever dew, the kind that stays all day. The sun was bright and the temperature was a little hot. My mother used to say that the heat of the day stayed with me, for I can have a very bad temper, but I think I get it from Father. When my mother gave birth to me she had no idea of what word to describe me with. So, my father said I had the slender body of a graceful dancer, so there for, I should be Grace. My mother gave me the second name of Jewel when I looked at her, my eyes where, as she said, the exact color of a brilliant blue sapphire and to add to the name, my hair was the color of deep red ruby and my skin like that of a pure diamond. I was then known as Grace by everyone.  

My father was a king and my mother a queen so I was a young princess. I had a governess; her name was Jamie, who also was my Nurse. She was a teacher and, as I grew older, a valued friend. She first told me of my curse. You probably think I am going to tell you a story like that of Aurore but that isn't true. My father had been cursed with one that no one could undo. His first born girl was forced to live life without the help of a mother. He thought nothing of it and once I was born both he and Mother knew she would die soon. It was the day after my eighth birthday ball.  

She had been sewing me a new dress of my doll when all of a sudden she brought me to her and yell for my father. 

"What is wrong, Mama?" I asked my eyes searching her face. She seemed to be in great pain. "Are you hurt? Do you want the doctor?"  

"No, my pain is emotional. I love you my sweet baby. I always have and always will," she looked at me and then Father came in and hugged us. "It is time Joseph, I love you," Father picked her up and she died in his arms. We both cried till our tears would come no longer. The next day we had a proper burial. That was the first day I learned of the curse. 

"Why did she have to die Jamie?" I asked her as she helped me dress into my nightgown, tears pouring down my face. 

"I will tell you the story as a bed story," Jamie told me nodding. Her brown hair was in a tight bun and her grass green eyes closed with her sigh. When she opened them, she was in story telling mode. I snuggled into my blankets and listened.  

"Once upon a time, your father was a young prince. He told everyone that he would never marry and never have children, for he didn't have to. He had an elder brother who would have to marry and have heirs. So his friend, John Michael, told that to his father. John's father decided that the young prince needed a lesson. So he cursed him to have to raise his first daughter without the help of the child's mother. She was to die. Your father scoffed at him and there for sealed the curse. He gave it no thought till his brother went off hunting and never came back. He was titled the heir to the throne and he started to worry about the curse. When you were born, they knew her time was coming but they didn't want to worry you. You know the rest," 

"So... I'm the reason my mother died? It's my fault?" I asked my voice rising with every word. "I killed my mother?" 

"The answer to all of those questions is no. The fault lies with John's father. He was sent to exile with all of the bad gods, goddesses, and mortals. Now, go to sleep," I nodded and pretended to sleep. I was tired but I had to see something. I waited till I heard the old clock in the hall ding dong on the twelve hour.  

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