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I was stunned. My vision started to become blurry and i felt warm liquids slowly slide down on my cheeks drop by drop. 

I stood up as i scanned around to find that guy just like idiot.

'Y/n, he's not here anymore.'

I stood there blankly, hands were trembling while holding the letter. The feeling of upset and disappointed slowly embraced me.

Just then, a half-warm heat was wrapped around my waist.

"Pabo, stop crying. You're making me hesitate."

Gently, he released the hug as he turned me around to face him.

I was frightened, is this a dream?

I throwed myself into his embrace again, to make sure this is not a dream. Warm liquids keep falling down uncontrollably. He placed his hand on my back, caressing it softly and it makes me cried even harder.

I miss this scent.

I miss this warm hug.

I miss everything of you.

I miss you, Kim Taehyung.

"Y/n-ah, this is not a dream,"

"I'm really leaving already."

"Taehyung," the only words that i am able to say.

I have mixed feelings, happy yet reluctance and disappointed. Happy because i still get to meet him.

"Jagi, look at me," he said as i released the hug gently and wiped the tears on my face.

"y/n-ah," he called out softly, with a very warm smile on his face.

I tried to calm myself and listen to what he is going to speak. He softly caressed my head as he continued.

"Please live properly, arasseo?"

"Don't starve yourself, don't cry yourself to sleep, don't overthink too much, and..."

"Don't miss me too much."

My tears couldn't help but started to stream down again. How can i not to miss you pabo?

"Yes, you will cry, but after this you must live bravely okay? The person who left behind must live a good life, and that's what you're suppose to do."

At this moment, how i hope i have the ability to stop the time, but no, i don't. He wiped the tears on my face with his thumb.

"Can't you stay longer?" I looked at him straight in the eyes.


"Yes, i know. I promise i will live well after this, but please stay longer for now, for the one last time, that's the one last thing i would ask for, please..." I speaked out.

I know i wasn't suppose to make him hesitate and worry. He needed peace.

He stayed quiet, while eyes focus on me.

"Thank you for the memories we've made together. Thank you for everything, Taehyungiee.." I smiled, tears continue to stream down, how i hope i can stop them.

He smiled, "you too."

"Jagiya" He called out and his eyes were starting to get moisture.

"for the one last time,"


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