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What could have happened to Shelby? I-I just... I hope she didn't try to kill herself... (She totally didn't Will.)
I grabbed all my stuff. I ran down to the parking lot, and immediately hopped into the car. There was minimal traffic, so, I'd be able to get there without getting pulled over.
Oh! A flower shop! I should get her some flowers... She's not allergic to any; It'll brighten up her day.

I need to get out of here before he arrives... But how would I do that? I looked around the room... Realizing that it was missing something important... Food! I was hungry after all. I could ask them to get me food from the cafeteria, and while Will tries to find the room, I could sneak put of here! Perfect.

I got her an assortment of tulips, daisies, lavender, and a couple others.
They even had some chocolates, that I'm sure she would like! Why does this sound like Valentine's day? I got into the car, to travel a few more blocks to get to the hospital.

I decided to call Will to see what was taking to so long.
Liam: Hey! Where are you?
Will: I'm coming. I just had to pick up a couple things for Shelby.
Liam: Oh, well get here soon. We don't know when Shelby could fall asleep again.
Will: Okay! I'll be there in 5 minutes.
Liam: Alright. See you soon.
Will: Bye

"He'll be here in 5, guys." I announced
"Great!" Graser said enthusiastically.
When Will gets here, everything would be back to normal! And I couldn't wait for that.

Five minutes... Okay. And maybe an extra five for him to find the room. I had time. To runaway.
"Hey! Guys. I don't wanna be a burden, but... I was wondering if you guys could get me some food? I hope that's not a problem..." I said, with a hint of weakness.
"Yeah sure!" Graser said
"I don't mind." H shrugged
"Great. Thanks guys!" I gave them a warm smile
They walked out of the room. I waited a minute to make sure they had walked a far enough distance.
I got up. Almost falling over due to how dizzy I was. Did I really lose that much blood?
⚠️I unhooked any needles injected into my forearm⚠️ Feeling more dizzy the more I continued to stand. I opened the door, scanning each hall, making sure I couldn't see Will, H, or Graser. I made my stealthily, towards the entrance, almost falling over because of how light headed I was.
I called an uber, and stood by a corner.

I had finally found the room Shelby was put in. I was so excited to walk through that door, and see her beautiful face. When I opened the door... No one was in there. No one was in the restroom either, because the door was wide open. Wha? Shelby isn't here... I saw the ivy needle hanging off the bed. Please don't tell me she--
"Hey Wi- WHERE IS SHELBY?" Graser asked
"I-I DON'T KNOW. I JUST GOT HERE... AND SHE WASN'T AROUND." I told them, with wide eyes
"She couldn't have ran away... Would she?" H asked
"I don't know..." Graser said
I then thought... Where would Shelby go..? HOME. SHE WOULD GO HOME!
"Guys, we gotta go back to the apartments..." I looked at them, mysteriously
They looked back at me, understanding why we needed to go.

So... I did the lyric prank. And I felt really bad😁 but I think everything is okay now👍 I modified the prank a bit, and it's short because the rest of it got kinda personal. I used the song "Would You Be So Kind" by Dodie. Inspired by Kirigamayt ever since she linked this song in one of her chapters. So, thank you for having me discover this song 😂💜

 So, thank you for having me discover this song 😂💜Bye💜~ShylyAwkward

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