Prompt #25

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                Prompt: Could we possibly have Ted meeting Leon's parents

                A.N.- I spelled Ted right just for you NFJC guys, you're welcome


                "Hey, get your feet off my dash," Ted said, shoving my feet down. "You get my car dirty and you'll spend the weekend cleaning it."

                "You'll probably make me do that anyways since you're too lazy to do it yourself," I said.

                "Probably," he agreed. "Alright, so what do I need to know?"

                Ted was being dragged out to meet Leon's parents. I'd made the mistake of talking about him while I was at the Constance house for dinner last week, and now Abby was determined to meet the guy. She'd personally called him to invite him to dinner this weekend. Ted had reluctantly agreed to drive out here with me and have dinner with the Constance family.

                "George and Adam are the biggest pricks on the planet, Abby is an actual angel, Caroline is pretty chill, and I'm a little biased on Leon but I'd say he's pretty great," I said. "Oh, also, George and Adam hate my sorry guts."

                "Great. I knew you got in trouble with the headmaster at the Academy, but I didn't think I was ever going to have to have dinner with the guy," he grumbled.

                "It'll be fine," I said, though that was probably a massive lie. "He'll make you try to hate me, we'll eat some food, Leon will stress the whole time, I'll say something I shouldn't. Typical weekend dinner."

                Ted pulled into the driveway and shut the car off, facing me. "Try to keep your mouth shut. I know that's a hopeless request, but I don't want to be here and I don't need you making it even worse."

                "Free food, dude," I said. I knew Ted really didn't want to be here, but I was also grateful he cared enough to come anyways.

                We got out of the car and went up to the door together. I rang the doorbell and Leon pulled it open a moment later.

                "Hi Brennan." He held his hand out to Ted. "We never met properly. I'm Leon Constance."

                "Ted," he said, shaking Leon's hand. "Fancy house you have here, kid."

                Leon stepped aside so we could enter. We took our shoes off and Leon led us to the dining room, where his mom was setting the table.

                "Hello," she said, smiling and coming over. "Abby Constance."

                "Ted Brandi." Ted shook her hand. "Thanks for putting up with Brennan, I guess. I know he's a pain."

                "He's not a pain! He's good to my son," Abby said.

                "I hear your husband finds him a pain," Ted said.

                "Oh, George can be thick-headed sometimes," Abby said dismissively. "If he hated Brennan that much, he wouldn't let him around Leon."

                "Uh, he tried his best," I said.

                "Let's have a seat," Leon said, already looking exhausted by this whole ordeal. "Maybe find a different topic?"

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