The Next Chapter..

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That my friends, is a writing pun. Because this is the "next chapter" of this book and also the "next chapter" of my Wattpad writing. Exciting things are in the works. 

Alrighty-roo, let us get started! 

I would like it very berry much if you all could take the time to respond/make suggestions to what you are currently reading - it would mean a lot to a little home slice like me.

So if you've read both Dweeb and The Flirt, you mi-i-ight've known that they're incredibly similar, and I don't really pride myself on recreating the same chapter several times over. It's not what I want my style to be, but regardless, I will finish Dweeb, but I don't have any other Septiplier stories (so scary, I know). I wanted to avoid this situation again though, and hear what you guys actually want me to write about. 

I honestly do a lot of more personal not-fan-ficition writing, and so sticking with a certain genre doesn't concern me. So I am totally willing to write anything. Legit, anything. I just want to know what you guys are interested in seeing! 

Below, I will have listed themes. Themes can be underlying plots, character traits, time periods, circumstances, or anything like that. It's really endless possibilities. So if you are interested in a theme that I've listed below, just leave a comment next to that theme saying you're interested, or leave one comment at the end making a list of all of the ones you want to see, this will help me know what you want and what I should brainstorm ideas about. I want to have something else before Dweeb comes to an end within the next few days. 

If there's a theme that you don't see here and you'd LIKE to see here, go ahead and comment that too, and if you see someone else commented a theme that's on the list and you wanna see that as well, just add it to your own comment. That way I can see exactly what I'm looking at. Also you can put as many as you'd like because most themes can be collated.

This is reaaaaally important for both your interest as a reader, and my next point as a writer, it would help both of us out a lot I feel like. So, I think I've done enough talking! Thank you all for reading and helping me out with this, remember that no idea is a bad idea! I'll see you all soon. 



-Crime Related (anything from pickpocketing to other.. more gruesome interests..)

-A transgender character (female to male or male to female I don't mind which) 

-Or a complete gender-bended story (meaning male characters become female, female become male)

-Past time periods (if you have a specific one in mind, go for it) 

-A band

-Any athletic interests/profession

-Something that isn't an A.U. (meaning they would..wait for it.. actually be YouTubers, crazy, I know!)

-The inclusion of original characters that you all introduce to me (meaning you made them)

-Mental rehabilitation center fiction.

-Boarding school

-A story in which they're already together

-Some sort of fantasy take. Whatever that entails.

-Yandere yandere! (I put this more as a joke but yooo if that's what you all want I would totally be okay with making a restricted book I'll do whatever)

-Whatever (lol I'm just kidding don't troll me) 

-Survival situations (because we all know how good Mark and Jack are at that)

-A non-a.u.

-That classy bad boy take

-One of those texting ones, I don't know what it's called

-A shorter story that takes course in one day or week

-Some sort of odd phenomenon

That's all I have, if you have more ideas, please let me know! If not, that's okay! Thank you all for taking the time to go through these and I guess you'll fiiiiind out what I'm going to do when I do it. 

Much appreciation 


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