Gooby or the Spicy Chicken...?

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Nixan's P.O.V.

"Where are we going to eat?" My coworkers ask. I pretend to think and then look up at my closest friend, Mil. 

"Digo's" I say.

"What's with you and that place?"

"I like their spicy chicken?" 

"Mhm" Mil teases. I grin and finish drying my wet hands that I just finished washing.

"What?" I ask walking beside him.

"Is it Gooby or the spicy chicken you like?" I lift my brow and look at him pretending not to know what he's talking about.

"Who?" I ask smiling

"Don't act like you don't know who I am talking about. You're obsessed with him. You think I don't notice how you check him out." 

"No, I like the chicken." 

"Keep telling yourself that." We continue walking the few blocks until Digo's, a fast food restaurant owned by Gooby's mom. It's a Hispanic restaurant. They sell a variety of food, but I usually order the same; spicy chicken tenders.

"Fucking pansy motherfucker. Only has this job because his mom owns the place" one of my coworkers says from behind. I don't understand why they hate Gooby. Gooby is so friendly, always has a smile while taking orders and I have never seen him with a frown since I started coming here.

"Welcome to Digo's, what can I get you?" Gooby asks smiling at people who do not deserve to get smiled at for talking about him the way they do. Once Goodby has taken their order and my two coworkers have finished with the teasing and slight homophobic comments to which he; Gooby ignores, it's my turn.

"Welcome to Digo's, what can I get you?" He asks a smile on his face. I swear nothing can mess up his day, nothing. Not even jerks being homophobic. I scan his face, trying to look for an imperfection, but I don't; it's so clean with so many freckles, I want to lick them.

"Can I get a tender combo. 8 pieces, spicy, with 2 biscuits, fries, and a large soda. Mil what are you getting?" Gooby looks over at Mil and waits for him to decide.

"I want the shrimp combo that comes with the fried plantains, with that spicy, sweet sauce your mom makes, and a large soda." 

"My mom is not here and that sauce is not really sold at the store. Has she made it for you?" Gooby asks.

"Yeah, she has made it for me a few times to taste. Do you know how to make it?" he nods and charges us.

"Can you please make it?" He glances between both of us and breathes out.

"Sure." We wait on the side and I continue looking over at every move Gooby makes.

"Stop staring." Mil says typing away on his phone as he shoulders me.

"I'm not." 

"You are."

"He's cute. How old do you think he is?"

"That doesn't justify you staring like a creep. And a lot younger than you most likely. Probably just turned 18."

"No, I don't think so." My coworkers get their food and soon it's my turn. He can't be 18. It's his freckles that make him look so damn young and his smile.

"How old are you?" I ask when he calls me over to hand me my food.

"What?" he asks confused as he checks that Mil's and my food is correct.

"Your age?"

"I'm on work hours and that's not appropriate to answer according to the regulations of my job. Your sauce is in the bag." He says handing Mil a container with the sauce he asked for and then smiles up at me before taking care of the next customer. I take my food and fill up my soda cup, Mil doing the same.

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