Is Nick gay or European

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Luna: Enjoy

Jess: There! Right there!
Look at that tan well tended skin
Look at the killer shape he's in
Look at that slightly stubby chin
Oh please he's gay
Totally gay

Cory: I'm not about to celebrate
Every trait could indicate
The totally straight expatriate
This guy's not gay
I say not gay

All: That is the elephant in the room
Well is relevant to assume
That a man who wears perfume
Is automatically radically fag

Jon: But look at his coiffed crispy locks

Jess: Look at his silk translucent socks

Cory: There's the eternal paradox
Look what we're seeing

Jess: What are we seeing?

Cory: Is he gay?

Jess: Of course he's gay

Cory: Or European?!

All: OOoooooohhhhhhh

All: Gay or European?
It's hard to guarantee
is he gay or European?

Uni: Well hey don't look at me

Shelby: You see they bring their boys up different in those charming foregin ports
They play peculiar sports

All: In shiny shirts and tiny shorts
Gay or forgien fella?
The answer could take weeks
They both say things like "ciao bella"
While they kiss you on both cheeks

Jess: Oh please

All: Gay or European?
So many shades of grey

Dawn: Depending on the time of day the france go either way

All: Is he gay or European? Or-

Mousie: There! Right There!
Look at that condenseding smirk
Seen it on every guy at work
That is a metro hetero jerk
That guy's not gay
I say no way

All: That is the elephant in the room
Well is it relevant to assume
That a hottie in that costume

Jess: Is automatically radically

Cory: Ironically chronically

Mousie: Certainly flirtingly

Uni: Genetically medically

All: Gay
Officially gay
Swishily gay gay gay gay

Nick: *kisses Ashley on the cheek*

All: DAMMIT!!!
Gay or European

Cory: So stylish and relaxed

All: Is he gay or European?

Sgc: I think his chest is waxed

Bane: But they bring their boys up different
There is culturally diverse
It's not a fashion curse

All: If he wears a kilt or wears a purse
Gay or just exotic
I still can't crack the code

Bane: Yet his accent is hypnotic
But his shoes are pointy toed

All: Huh
Gay or European
So many shades of grey

Ashley: But if he turns out straight then I'm free at 8 on Saturday

All: Is he gay or European?
Gay or European?
Gay or Euro-

Uni: Wait a minute!
Give me a chance to crack this guy
I have an idea I'd like to try

Cory: The floor is yours

Uni: So Mr. Argitakos
This alleged affair with Ms. Windham has been going on for....?

Nick: 2 years

Uni: And your first name again is...?

Nick: Nick

Uni: And your boyfriend's name is?

Nick: Tommy

All: *gasp*

Nick: I-I'm sorry! I misunderstood
You say boyfriend
I thought you said best friend
Tommy is my best friend

Tommy: You bastard
You lying bastard
That's it
I no cover for you no more
I have an big announcement
This man is gay and European

All: Whoa

Tommy: And niether is disgrace

All: Oh

Tommy: You gotta stop being' a completely closet case

All: D'oh

Tommy: It's not her he's seen matter what he say
I swear he never ever ever swing the other way
You are so gay your big parfait you flaming one-man cabaret

Nick: I'm straight

Tommy: You were not yesterday
So if I may
I'm proud to say, he's gay

All: And European

Tommy: He's gay

All: And European

Tommy: He's gay

All: And European and Gay

Nick: Fine Ok I'm gay

All: Horray

Cory: Doesn't that make Tommy gay?



All: Shut up

Hey Lovers. I know this isn't a one shot but I wanted to do this any ways since I found this found this funny. Not a lot to say other than request plots and ships. Have a great day everyone and I'll see you all later. Luna out.

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