Part 10

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    Alec's POV

  We had just landed back in Forks, ready to hunt down our prime target. MY prime target. Edward Cullen. He is a threat, a threat to my mate. My beautiful mate Bella. I'm not going to kill him just because my masters told me to. I'm going to kill him, because he thinks that he still has a chance with MY Bella. Once we- I mean once I terminate him, we then will go after the dogs. And I will the one to kill THAT mutt that MY Bella is with. Then she will be mine forever.

  We left the airport and headed back into town. I needed to find that girl that the Cullen was with at my Bella's wedding. I think her name is Janessa or Jessie? Something like that. I need to use her to get to him. Once done with her, she will be eliminated and the same goes to Edward Cullen.

" Alright, Felix and Demetri when we get to town go find that girl that the Cullen was with at my Mia Bella's wedding. You two will then lure her in with your charms and I will the Cullen to come and rescue her." I explained with a deadly smirking forming.

"But, you two will kill her before he gets there and leave the body. We will then hide among the woods and surround him, then we will kill him!" I continued.

" Okay, fine. We'll go find the girl. And for your information her name is Jessica." Felix replied rolling his eyes.

" I don't care what the girl's name is as long as you go and get her!" I yelled.

"Sheesh. Fine, we're going now." Demetri said while dragging Felix away.

"Now where to find this Jessica." I said out loud to myself.

" She works at The Carver Cafe, it's right around the corner." Mike said as he walked past Alec. Not knowing Alec's true intentions.

"Thank you?" I said. Man, I got to stop talking out loud. I recovered from my thoughts and made my way towards the cafe.

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