Origin of Villain Midoriya

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Always the punching bag...
Always the one left out...
Always the toy...
Always the quirkless boy...

~Before he went loco, maniac, sick, psychopath [from Midoriya's perspective]~

"Midorya, I heard you are also applying for U.A HighSchool the same as Bakugo"

The class broke into laughter and taunt.


I could feel the cold eyes of Kacchan and the laughter of the class hit me like a wave.

I wanted to disappear right then and there.

Kacchan made fun of me but mostly he was very angry.

I don't want to make this tragedy of a back story sooo I'll make this easy for ya~

Basically All Might saw potential in me, I trained hard, gained All Might's quirk, got accepted to U.A HighSchool.

You might think that this is all fine and dandy but, it's not.

I had no control over my quirk and people teased a bit about it. Kacchan hated me more than ever and would constantly become angered with me. He still called me Deku.


Never the less I studied hard and gained more control of my quirk. I didn't make many friends as they saw me as someone who couldn't control their quirk.

I truly admired so many of the U.A students. I especially admired Todoroki Shoto's quirk. Half fire Half ice. He was calm and collected. Iida was another one I admired with his speed-like quirk. He is very intelligent.

I dare not speak to most students due to me not having much control of my quirk.

I still felt an outcast and then I met him....

The Hero Killer- Stain

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