Chapter 1

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Rachel POV

Hello, I'm Rachel Barbara berry. I'm 17 and school isn't all that bad. I'm in the popular squad at school. Everyone pretty much wishes they were me.

I'm on the Cheerios, my bitches are the one and only Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Brittany Pierce. It's not much but all in all I have a pretty good high school career.

I wake up to my stupid alarm clock ringing. I lazily get up and get dressed. I walk downstairs to see my mum and dad eating at the breakfast table.

I'm in my Cheerios uniform, I forgot to mention my dad HATES it with a passion. He says 'it's too short'

"Morning sweetie" my mother says pouring me some cereal which I gladly take.

I sit down next to my dad

"Hey dad" I say taking a bite of my cereal

"Morning honey" he replies drinking some coffee from his mug

After breakfast my dad said he would drop me off at school so I ran upstairs to get my bag.

I hop in the car with my dad and drive to the shithole we call McKinley.

When we pull up at the school my dad gives me a quick peck on the cheek and I walk out of the car and head towards the double doors.

I immediately get dragged into my group, they all smile at me which is unusual because it's Monday morning.

"Why are you all so happy?" I ask amazed by their expressions

"I don't know I'm just happy" santana says

What the hell? Who cares? I'm too tired to think of all the possible reasons that she's happy

We just had a mid term break so apparently we have new teachers who have started.

"Earth to Rachel" Quinn says gaining my attention back to the group

"Mhm?" I ask

"Stay with us, what are you in first period?" Brittany asks me whilst walking to our lockers

"Uh french" I sigh heavily just thinking about the period ahead of me

"What about you guys?" I ask looking at them

"Math" they said I'm unison

"At least you are in a class altogether" I say

"It's not that bad, you have Jacob" Santana says laughing

"Sometimes I hate you" i say sternly

"You love me" she says nudging me playfully

The bell for first period rings and we all part our separate ways.


Thank god it's lunch! Monday's are like my worst day of the week.

I have practice right now so I guess that something to be happy about at least for today.

We begin practice by doing stretches and stuff.

After practice is over the bell goes for the next period, I look in my bag to find my time table.

"What do I have?" I mumble to myself

It looks like I have English then history.

I heard there's a new history teacher, he's probably old and moany, of course I would get the old and moany teacher.

I walk to English and sit down in my chair. English was so boring, I pretty much sat just sat staring at the clock the entire period.

When the bell rang I pretty much ran out of English. Thank god! One more period left until I can go home .

I make my way to along the corridor meeting Santana, Quinn and Brittany.

"Are you ready for the new teacher?" Santana asks us all

"He's probably old" I say

We walk in to the classroom to be greeted with a tall young attractive man. Wow. He looks very young to be a teacher.

He's so attractive and handsome.

Oh my god Rachel. Shut the fuck up he's a teacher!

"Hey! I'm mr Hudson" he says in his perfect accent

"Hey sir" is all i manage to say

I look over at Santana, Brittany and Quinn to see them all starting at the teacher in awe of his perfectness

We sit together in rows of two. I sit next to Santana and Brittany and Quinn sit in front of us

The rest of the class slowly entered the room looking at mr Hudson, all the girls were staring at him and I'm sure some guys were too

"Hello, I'm mr Hudson. Your new history teacher. I'm 20, I know very young. I hope that we will all enjoy history this year with me" he says walking up to the whiteboard writing 'mr Hudson' on It

He walked over to his computer and started the register.

I was daydreaming until I heard my name

"Rachel?" He asked me

"Here" I reply as he goes on with the register

He gets up and starts talking about the titanic

I can't help but fantasise about him and me

Rachel! Stop! He's attractive but come on! A teacher really? It will blow over

When the lesson finished I'm pretty sure nobody wanted to leave the classroom

"I'll see you guys tomorrow" he says as he high fives everyone walking out the door

"Your a cool teacher" I say walking out

"Thank you. Do you like me?" He asks as the classroom empties

I wanted to say oh god yes but that inappropriate!

"Yeah, your a good teacher here" I say looking at his perfect eyes

We stared at each other before i decided to say goodbye

I walked down the hallway with the butterflies fluttering in my belly

I like a teacher

Hello! I hope you liked the first chapter! Do you like the book? Please comment! Love you all ❤️💝💕💖❣️

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