Waking up the next morning , I yawn and stretch as I blink a couple times . It was finally Monday and finally time to go back to school . Getting up , I go and take a shower and then come back out with only a towel around my waist , as I got dressed I glance out my window only to find Amanda staring at me . Grinning I go to the window with only my jeans on

'' You like what you see ? '' I asked her as she glared at me "

'' Its utterly distasteful seeing you look like that . A real man would not show off his sexy abs just for a girl '' When she realized what she just said , her hand flew to her mouth and she blushed deeply . '' Oh !! So you admit I'm sexy ? '' Laughing I turn around and pull on a shirt . '' Ill drive you to school . Meet me outside in 10 minutes '' I called to her before Fumbling for some shoes . Everything I wore was name brand . You see, I was part of the in crowd . Every one in school new me or new not to mess with me , I had to look and act the part .

Running down stairs , I said morning to my mom and dad then grabbed a couple pieces of bacon and ran out the door. '' Amanda ! '' I yelled . '' We need to get a move on or we will be late '' When I said that , I heard a slight hiss and then saw her come out her front door . '' What took you so long to come out ? But you do look good '' She had on skinny jeans with a blue halter top and black high heels .

'' It takes time for me to look this good. I cant just throw on whatever clothes i find that's clean and go outside , like you do . '' We walked to the car , glancing at her I saw a bit of red on the side of her mouth . '' You got a little something on the side of you mouth... is that... blood ?'' I asked her , She automatically denied it but it sure as hell looked like it . But I , being the person I am let it go . As we got in I waited till she was settled then sped off, In under 20 minutes we were at he school. Pulling into the school parking lot , I watch as my friends all ran up to the car as I parked .

'' Dude !! We heard there's a new kid coming to school today ! do you know who it is ? '' Grinning , I step out of the car '' I already met the new kid , but you have to find who it is yourself . Anyways lets get to class , were late already '' Walking off , I glance back at Amanda and then head into the school with my friends following me


I was having my breakfast which consisted of human blood , when I heard David yelling at me from outside to hurry up . Startled I jerked my mouth away from the drugged up human and grab my bag . '' I'm coming ! '' I yelled. I'm sure he did not hear me but who cares ? Running out the house, I lock my door and walk up to him . I swear this dude is full of him self ,I mean he has style but everything he wore was name brand ! His family must have money. As we got into the car, he mentioned that i Had something on my mouth. Quickly i wipe My mouth. I had blood on my mouth! I need to be more conscious when drinking.

As we pulled up to the school, everybody turned and watched, but David just smirked and talked to his friends. He did not seen to notice the stares at all . For a while I sat in the car to afraid to get out. I cant believe that ass face David left me here alone! When it looked like everyone had finally went back to what they were doing I slowly come out of the car. I was a vampire but that did not mean i did not get scared.

Most female vampires were extremely beautiful and had a ton of confidence, but I on the other hand thought I was dull and a wimp. As I closed the car door all eyes turned on me. My eyes scanned the parking lot. I saw a few other vampires but there was this group of male vampires that caught my eye. They should .not be here, ......that group is a group of banished vampires. This means when the males reach a certain age , they are kicked out of the coven. Only a select few of males can sometimes stay. It helps keep the coven small enough to Handel and control..

Gathering my courage, I grab my bad and flip my hair over my shoulder. I was not going to be the new weak girl. I was going to be the cute but feisty bitch. Walking towards the school,.i strut my stuff until I reached the main office. Getting my schedule, i walk to my first period class, which had David and his group of friends in it. As soon as I walk in the teacher gave me a angry look

" Why are you late " He asked

" Is it not obvious to you that I'm new ? I " asked him. sometimes these human teachers could just be so dumb

" No need for attitude young lady, hurry up and introduce yourself and then take a seat somewhere "

Nodding I turn to the class of starring students and smiled " Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I will be going to school here from now on. If I may ask. Can someone please show me around the school for the rest of the day. " As soon as I was done, all hands shot up. Of course Davids hand was up, his eyes were staring my chest . Grinning i picked on of his friends, which just happened to be his best friend .

Walking up to them, I take a seat and started taking notes . When the period was over, Davids best friend came and got me.

" So Amanda, were did you move from? " He said as we walked down the hall way.

" Ummm , I came from ... Canada ? Ya I came from Canada " I told him as we stopped by My locker. I could not tell him were I really came from because that would give away my secret. As we talked , me and his friend got closer, to the point i was touching his arms and flirting .

From the corner of my eye, I saw David glaring at us. Was he .... jealous ?

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