Gotta Get Free ~ 18

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"Lord Megatron! The ship is under attack by the Autobots." A different soldier notified the warmonger. It also notified you too though, and that was all the info you needed to make a brake for it. You had no love for this ship or its inhabitants, and an Autobot siege may as well lead to human kind being saved from the monster attempting to transform it. Granted, Ultra Magnus most likely wouldn't assist or defend you, but imprisonment was what you deserved for all the things you'd done against Autobot kind. Against your former, human kind.

Megatron may have wanted you to stay and hide, but you were not to comply. He was probably too busy battling with the Prime.

You sped through the halls, skillfully avoiding any other Decepticon soldiers that might try to stop you. You weren't about to let that happen! Then a specific thought made its way into your processor: what if you actually helped the Autobots? It seemed so stupid to have reached you in that moment only, but doing something to end the war you'd been pulled into seemed more promising than running away from it. You weren't a coward like Knockout or Starscream! You were a Queen! A Queen of Insecticons that may very well still thrive on Cybertron, not fearfulness!

With these dangerous thoughts in mind, you flew faster than the speed of sound (an exaggeration, though it sure didn't feel that way) towards where the entrance to the Omega Lock was located. The ship tilted left and right and left again, and you were thoroughly convinced that the Autobots had taken over the command center. Of course, the sudden jerking didn't really effect you as you speedily flew through the winding halls, and most of the time, your pedes didn't touch the ground. You finally had the entrance in your sights, and you witnessed the rookie phase through Starscream and his team, as well as the entrance to the Lock. It made you smile at her w hilarious the whole thing appeared.

You followed Arcee and Bumblebee through the the doors as they beat up vehicons along the way. Smokescreen was suddenly shot in the chassis, and the original Star Saber fell from his grasp and slid away on the floor. Arcee and Bumblebee raced towards it, the latter being the one to successfully get the blade back.

   "Your majesty!" Starscream shouted in surprise, grabbing a couple people's attention. "What are you doing?!" You didn't know what you were doing, nor did you know how to answer that question. So you kicked him in the face, innocently and awkwardly smiled at Arcee, before speeding over to grant the scout safe passage. The mech was doing his very best to clime downwards with the Saber strapped to his backstruts, but you decided to make things easier for him by using all your might to glide downwards with him in your arms. You had been given quite a bit of strength on your past few missions, and right now your processor was busy repeating screw it. The camaro didn't seem to question any of it.

   Megatron saw you and immediately knew what exactly was going on. You'd defected, but it wasn't to be with the Bots. He fired his cannon at you and the scout. You managed to dodge the first one, but the second clipped your wing and you fell into into the pool of Synth En dramatically. Megatron was able to fire a couple shots before Optimus shoved the cannon away from its target. Unfortunately, the damage was already done.

   A blast shot through your chest plates and ruined your spark. The pain didn't last long though as you fell towards the bottom of the Omega Lock. Your clipped wing was gone from your thoughts as everything around began to fade. You couldn't even tell if the pain was there anymore as you watched the next couple of events, sinking into the pool as the liquid over took your optics.

   A blast slammed into his chassis, allowing the sword to fly from his grip like it did from Smokescreen's.

   Another blast hit his chest, and the mech's optics flickered in and out of existence.

   A third shot hit, and the Bot was gone for good as he splashed down into the pool like you.

   The world was hazy, fuzzy, hard to make out. There wasn't much need to as you blacked out, with raging sounds of battling continuing. You were finally free.

   "MEGATRON!" The warmonger turned around to locate the owner of the infuriated voice. He was only met with a large sword through his own spark chamber. It was Bee! "You took my voice. You will never rob anyone of anything ever again." Megatron attempted to strike him down with the Dark Star Saber, but the blade fell from his servo with ease and made its way towards the atmosphere of the nearby planet. He fell to his knees, utterly helpless.

   "Lord Megatron, no!" Starscream yelled as his master's optics flickered from red to black. The warmonger slid off the Star Saber, which was now stained with his Dark Energon, and followed his sword down to Earth. You watched the entire thing with a half smile, completely disgusted by the act, but also knowing full well that the ex-gladiator had it coming. While Bee helped the Prime get onto the platform from its very edge, you were busy lifting yourself from the Synth En. You groaned in pain as you sprawled out onto the edge of the pool, before sitting up to check your injured wing. It wasn't injured anymore!

   You looked up to see Optimus Prime with his sword in servo and the scout by your side. Instead of striking you down, the Autobot leader held out a servo to help you off of the floor. You took it gratefully, before fluttering your wings like an actual Bee and hovering off the ground. Then you watched the Autobots rejoice, and wondered: why would they help me?

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