Dedicated to Every1Direction I tried to make the chaoter extra long for you! <3

   Niall's P.O.V 

 After Louis,Harry,Zayn,Liam and I were tired from being at the park we decided to go our seperate ways. I walked home since I wasn't that far from home. Harry was going to drive the rest of the boys home except Louis, who was going to go to Harry's house. I swear, something's going on between them. 

 I said good bye to the boys and started to walk to my flat that was about 10 minutes away. I looked at the time on my phone and saw that it was still early, so I just decided to go grab something to eat. I stopped by a store that I was near my home and grabbed a bag of crisps. 

 I walked the rest of the way home, eating, and singing random songs in my head. I unlocked my front door and walked in. 

" I'm home!" I called out and was answered by silence. I guess noone was home yet. But I don't care, I like being home by myself, but not for that long, then I get lonley and bored.

 I went to the refrigirator and grabbed some juice, and then walked to the telly and flipped through some of the channels. I watched the telly for awhile but became bored after awhile. Sitting is boring.  My phone rang indicating I had a new text  message. 

 I grabbed my phone and opened the text which was from Harry. ' Hey Nialler! Beer, food, my house, now.' Beer and food? You could count me in then! I texted Harry back saying that I'd be going. I turned off my telly and cleaned up the food I had been eating while watching t.v. 

After I was finished, I left my flat and began walking to Harry's house, which wasn't that far either, about a 20 minute walk. I listened to music as I walked and in no time I was in front of Harry's door, ringing the door bell. 

"Hey Nialler!" Harry said opening the door. It felt weird sometimes, being around the boys, but that was just because I was Irish and my accent was different from their British ones. I smiled and walked in to Harry's flat. 

We walked up to Harry's room and Harry passed me a beer. Technically we were underage, but who care? I took a sip and looked around. I took a seat on Harry's bed and Harry sat next to me. Louis was on the floor sitting and drinking, and Zayn was on Harry's computer chair also drinking. 

"Liam's coming, hope you don't mind." Harry told me. Why would I mind? Liam was cool. 

"That's cool." I said smiling a little. Zayn started telling us a story about some girl who liked him and I can tell he was getting more drunk by the second. The door bell rung and Zayn jumped out of seat.

"I'll get it!" Zayn said. Yep, he was definatly drunk. I heard Zayn yell ' Vas Happening '. Poor Liam. 

"Zayn! Let Liam in!" Harry screamed. Two minutes later, Liam and Zayn were walking through the door. 

"Hey lads." Liam said.

" Hey Liam! Take a seat, grab a beer. Mi casa es tu casa"  Harry said. 

Liam took a seat that was across from me. " Aren't you guys a little underage?" He said. Me and the boys couldn't help but laugh. When had that stopped most teenagers in the world? 

"So what?" Harry asked. 

"Well, it's illegal" Was he serious? 

Harry rolled his eyes and took a sip of his beer."Relax. We won't get caught. C'mon Liam, loosen up. Take a bottle." Harry insisted. 

"I can't." Why not? I wondered. Was he that scared of getting caught?"

"Well why not?" Louis asked. 

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