Chapter 1

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A\N: Here it is guys, my second book! I have a lot in store for this book and I hope you all enjoy it. I'll be updating every other day for a the next week or so, then I'll be updating every Friday after that. Happy New Year everyone! Do any of you have new year resolutions? I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2019!

“Remember, don’t tell anyone about your secret. You know what will happen if someone does?” The blonde-haired woman standing before me said as she fixed the collar of my shirt and zipped up my coat as if I was a child that couldn’t do it myself. I’m sixteen, I am perfectly capable of doing things on my own. But my mother still thinks of me as her little baby.

“Yes, Mom, I know. You tell me every day. How could I forget?” I ask, rolling my eyes. She’s said this every day of my life for as long as I could remember. I don’t think I could forget even if I tried. Not that I ever would try to expose my secret. My life would be turned into a living hell, everything would change. I don’t like changes, it scares me.

“I know, dear. I’m just worried about you. If anyone were to ever find out that you can-“ She didn’t appreciate whenever I interrupted her, but I’m tired of hearing the same talk every morning. It gets exhausting.

“Mom, I know, can I go now? I’m going to miss the bus.” I say as the bus outside waited impatiently, honking its horn in annoyance. It was loud enough to wake an entire neighborhood. Not that there are any neighbors to wake anyway. There aren’t any houses around for another mile or so.

“Oh, alright, alright,” My mom said and quickly ushered me out the door. “Have a good day, I’ll see you when you get home.”

“You too, love you,” I say and quickly pick up my bag and sling it over my shoulder before hurrying over to the Twinkie that everyone calls a bus. When I walked up the first step, I could see irritation written all over the driver’s face.

I quickly apologized and hurried to my seat in the middle of the bus. The back is ruled over by the wild teens that like to rule the bus, although, I don’t know how they rule from the back. I guess it’s because it’s the opposite of the driver. The front is full of the little grade schoolers that are always picking their noses for some odd reason. I can’t exactly avoid everyone, so I just sit in the middle with the people that don’t seem to care about where they sit.

As usual, no one tried to sit beside me, but in a way, I’m grateful for that. I don’t have to sit through any awkward conversations or try to think of any either. And I don’t have any chance of accidentally slipping up and saying something that I shouldn’t.

I’m fine with not really talking to anyone though. My mother has always tried to be there for me because she knows how difficult it is for me to make friends. She also doesn’t want me to end up telling anyone who- Well, what I am. It would ruin her life as well.

Yes, having actual friends would be nice instead of being the target of bullies; even to have friends to help me through it, but having friends could come with a lot of risks, too.

I wouldn’t really want anything to change, though. Except for the bullies disappearing. That would be kind of nice, but I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Yes, Nick and Blythe are mean, but they have feelings, too… I think.

After several stops in different neighborhoods and houses, the now full bus approached Vander High. Students immediately started getting up from their seats and formed a line that filled up the entire aisle, ready to get off the cramped and smelly space.
I was ready to get off too, but I wasn’t going to get up quite yet. I would probably be trampled over in my attempt to get out just like every other time that I’ve tried. Eventually, I learned to wait until everyone was off of the bus before getting off. It’s not like it matters who’s off first anyway. We’re all going to the same place.

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