I pulled out my usual line, "It's not you it's me," I said, knowing I'd have, yet again, another stalker.

"Baby, please just - can we talk about it?" He said. "He" referring to another guy I 'played' you could say. I don't like to call it that, but do as you wish. 

"No, I'm sorry, I need to leave. You're only making this harder" I said in my innocent voice, walking out the door. 

I heard him yelling to come back as I made my way to my car, pathetic. You're probably wondering what just went down. I broke up with my "boyfriend", of a week, to teach him a lesson. The thing is, I date the guys who have a reputation as a ladies man to get them straight. I keep them for about a week or two, or longer, some are tough to break. I reel them in by my charm - yes, a girl can have charm. - and my sweet way around words, our little dates, my act of innocence, some just go for my looks. They eventually start to really fall for me, forgetting every girl in their path, but me. That's when I just leave. Making them heartbroken, giving them back the pain those jackasses caused probably a lot of girls. I'm not known as a slut, no. To girls, I'm a life saver, hero, amazing to their very eyes. To guys, they all want a chance with me, some hear that I'm a sex craved slut, they hear that from the guys I broke up with, leaving them completely pissed at me. But no, I still have my V - Card, and won't be giving that away for quite some time. My name is Bracelyn Robertson, Junior at Small View High, just your average girl I would say.

"Bracelyn, get down here!" My dad yelled with a concerned tone. I rolled my eyes and rushed down the stairs.

"Yes, father?" I plainly said. He just gave me a glare, which I gave him one right back but he finally gave in. 

"What's this? A schedule change?" He held up the paper. 

I just gave him a look. "Yeah? Good, you know how to read!" I joked. 

He laughed, "Are you causing problems?" 

"No, just can't stand the morons in my classes. It was only like four I changed." 

"Out of eight..." 

I just gave him a smirk and ran upstairs. There was a party tonight, and I was going. I jumped in the shower and washed through my long, silky blonde hair. Damn, I wish I could just shower forever. When I got out, I wrapped a towel around my body and went straight to my closet. I picked out a grey button up tank top with my dark jeans and white sneakers. I put on some makeup, not too much, but not too light. I usually left my hair down and wavy, never straight.

"Cya dad, be home soon." I yelled, hoping he wouldn't ask where I was going.

"Alright," He shouted back. 

I got into my black Mercedes-Benz and took off to the party. I arrived, walking up to this house that looked like a typical big city party house. There were girls surrounding the front yard, showing off their features. It disugted me. I got a few greets from my friends, some from people I didn't even know. 

I walked up to the door, hearing the music playing, I heard Nicki Minaj blasting, and tons of screaming. As I walked in, the first people I spotted, the most idiotic guys in my school, were the jocks. One of them, I think his name was Carter, winked at me and motioned for me to come his way. I pretended I didn't see him and started to mingle.

I was talking to one of my friends and felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Carter.

"Hey," His tone was definitely cocky, which I hated. He was too easy to read, his body language, the way he looked me up and down and bit his lip, which I'm sure he'd done a billion times to melt a girl into his arms.

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