Chapter 3: Balbadd

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eyyy!!! It's me again!!! ^▪^ I really hope I can win your expectations! ! However, I'm not a good writer ;▪; So there will be a lot of grammer and spelling error but still Enjoy!!!

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Short Preview:
[Y/N] finally met her first few people while in the world of magi. She met the fourth magi, Aladdin. Pretty and strong fanalis, Morgiana. Finally King of Sindria, SINDOBADDO!!! XD

(Sorry if it's not funny ;.;)

But they do not know that she knew about them cuz of her memories.
Anyways Aladdin ask her if she wants to follow them and we know the answer...
POV of you ♡

"Follow you to Balbadd...?" I asked. What a kind soul he is. Asking if I wants to follow him. "Yup! And If we can, I hope we can travel around the world," Aladdin explained "And you can be our friend too! Wait until you see Alibaba, he is a hero that is brave and has promised me to go travel the world with him!"

"Aladdin, she does not know who is Alibaba" Morgiana say quietly "Ah Gomen~yo I forgot you do not know who is Alibaba" Aladdin apologize. "However, my fair lady, would you like to come with me to Balbadd?" Sinbad say.

... I have no words on how... on how HAPPY I AM TO TRAVEL WITH THEM!! "I will be declining your offer Sin-san but Aladdin and Morgiana, I will follow you three to Balbadd," I smile for the first time while saying.


The two men/boys thought that [Y/N] was cute and began to blush and Morgiana thought that she will finally have a friend that is a female. "However, I am weak and poor with no status. Is that fine?" [Y/N] said but all three is pretty quick to nod at her.

"No worries! Let's just absorb the scenery and enjoy the stay!" Aladdin say. The quartet slowly get down to the city and begin walking through the city. There was different races, blend of cultures and it's all thanks to the trade reputation and Saluja Clan for serving the country wholehearted. And of course Sinbad gets lots of Attention due to his clothing.

They continue walking and end up in the slums. All four look around and sees boney children and adults. 'What could have done this' the quartet thought. They then walk by the river and came across a wall that wrote, "Down With The Monarchy"

"Down with the Monarchy?" Aladdin ask curiously. Sinbad then explains that the country fell into disorder since the death of the last king. Soon, they were standing in front of a hotel that seems to be only for the richest.

"But this place is safe!" Sinbad exclaims with happiness while showing hand gestures (Naruto?) to the hotel. Aladdin and Morgiana then was worried about the price while [Y/N] knew Sinbad will soon pay for it. Sinbad then say that the three can stay here with him paying for the rooms as thanks to Aladdin and Morgiana for helping him.

Both Aladdin and Morgiana was shock. [Y/N] was shock too but not really. "Thank you! You're rich aren't you?" Aladdin said while Morgiana and [Y/N] was 45° bowing of thanks in front of him. The three then talked to a women that is supposedly in-charge of the rooms.

"During travels, even a heroic young men's need helping hands" Sinbad whispers to himself. "Alright! Then I should head back to my room!" Sinbad begin walking towards the room direction with people whispering and avoiding him.

And soon the guards came and block him. "Hey you! You're suspicious!" said one guard. "Huh! How am I suspicious?" Sinbad exclaims, "You're suspicious no matter how I look at you!" The guards shout. Far away, two person was watching. One said "He's here..." Another, "Honestly, what took him so long..." They sighed. [Y/N], Aladdin and Morgiana looked over to the commotion and saw two man coming up to Sinbad.

[Y/N]... Please Hurry Come Back...

After All, You Being There Is A Failure Of Ours...


Nooooo ;.;


Sorry for the shortness of the chapter ;.; But I will be sure to write the next chapter real soon! However I need to plan first >.< Hope you can give me some ideas too!!! And If I can, will be doing one-shots! Ps. Although You are literally not doing anything now, I will make sure you do something soon because we can't risk having you doing nothing XD. Welp See Yah!

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