You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 6 Carlynda's POV

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I woke up with a pounding head ache and the weird smell wasn't making it any better. I sat up only to be pushed back down by a pair of strong hands. That is where I freaked out. Now I am chained to the bed I am on with my shirt rolled up showing my gut with a large gash though I have no idea how it got there. I still can't see who is around me and leaning over my gut which scares me. I think the one leaning is a female and the one by my head looks really familiar I am begining it is a girl. As I see blurred figures and other stuff I really wished the smell could be blurred with something way better smelling.

I am just laying here in a dark room light by something not bright with two people looking over me as i am chained to a bed with my shirt rolled up, does that sound like an expected rape scene or am I over reacting? Suddenly my gut started  to burn as if someone had shoved acid and rusted dull knives scratching at my wound. Of course I start kicking and wanting to scream, but I can't with this cloth in my mouth, oh yeah I forgot to mention I had a cloth in my mouth I wasn't being gaged but it stayed and would not move. I feel hands on my shoulders and noices that sound like a snake, which I am not afraid of but when you are chained and being held down while your stomach hurts like crazy you cant hold still. I continue to wiggle and jerk at my chains for awhile until I couldn't fight anymore and just lay still and breath heavy.

Finally I awoke and I felt my energy come back along with pain tickling my wrists and ankels. I could also see clearly which I was happy with. I remember the gash on my gut so I look down and saw that the faint red scar went from inbetween my boobs(i dont like like using the word breast it remind me that i am eating chicken boobs) that went down to just above my belly button. 'Wow that left a mark whatever it was! WAIT A MINUTE WHERE IS MY SHIRT!?!?' I look around to see my shirt torn and shredded beyond repair on the back of a chair. I looked at my wrists and ankels to see that I had no chains or shackles but I did have scratches, 'probably from me sturggling', so I got up and went to the chair. I see there are other clothes on there, thankfully my bra was still in one piece ontop of the other clothes, and I put them on.

The dress I wore was a black halter skater dress that ended just above my knees. To fix my hair which was all knotted and gross, it felt like I just came out of gym class's mile run for two days and didn't take a shower for those two days. I pulled it all back and left it in a loose bun since all I had was just a hair tie. I couldn't find my shoes so I put my socks on and walked about the room getting a feel from it and more importantly; find a door.

The room had black walls with candle holders sticking out of the wall holding burning candels that gave the room a smoothing scent. The floor was wooded and and red rug underneth the four post king size bed that had black covers on it. There was a redwood chest against the wall across the bed on the same wall as the chest a large window was covered by red drapes. There was a desk on the opposite wall with the window. It was made of redwood, very neat and a big comfy chair on wheeles sitting infornt of the desk. I turn to look at the bed that I had recently laid on, along the top of the four posts was a big and thick red ribbon drapping in between the posts. There were a bunch of red pillows on the bed and where I had been sleeping a stuff animal bat toy was as if I was holding onto it while I was asleep. It took every nerve in my body to resist the temptaion to jump into the mountain of pillows.

So I got to the side of the bed and grabbed the bat, I felt this strange need that I felt safer with the stuff animal. I love stuffed animals since I was little I have always slept with a stuffed animal, not because they were a toy but I still believe that these little things have a spirit inside them. Now you might think that is crazy, so go ahead and not know my reason why. My reason is that everytime I hug one I feel it hug me back or when I walk pass/in a store with stuffed animals I hear cries of wanting to be loved, to be heard, to be set free. So everytime we go to a store and I see a stuffed animal I pick the one I hear calling out the most; however, I just tell my family it is just a habit I am really doing this because I feel that it is right. I dont know how to describe it but all I can compare it to is that it is like having a stray at your door step and it is sick and needs food so you nurse it back to health then watch it go out free and happy.

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