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Facts about 2PM.

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Author's note:

Sorry wala kasi akong mahanap na facts about kay taecyeon. So kung pwede ito na lang. Ang hirap talaga maghanap. Peace ! Hope you all like it! 


100 facts about 2PM : 

1. Chansung been acting in a sitcom, 'High Kick Trough The Roof' berama with Kim Bum .

2. Jaebeom had a special calling that is "LEADJA", not from fans but from an elderly woman in an episode variety show. 

3. Although Jaebeom was out of 2PM, 2PM until now would never have a leader anymore, because they still think Jaebeom was their leader. 

4. Wooyoung and Chansung  prefer to sleep on the floor. 

5. Junho got a big ass and sexy, even the idols of men and women to admit it. 

6. Junho not call Wooyoung as "hyung" although Junho younger. 

7. According Jaebum, Taecyeon will dance popping dance type in bed. 

8. JoKwon 2AM, 2PM supposed to be a member, but because he's more experience for the longest period of trainee, so he debuted earlier and be a leader at 2AM. 

9.NichKhun could write and do anything with both hands simultaneously. 

10. Wooyoung like to eat chicken 

11. Chansung is a big fan of comedy shows Gal Gal Ee 

12. Junsu's father did not approve when he wants to be a singer. But now he's father agrees with it.

13. TaecYeon it is the human instrument, he can cause the sound o fmusic from the crackle of his teeth, with touch cheeks and even the throat. 

14. TaecYeon worst dressed tastes, while Junsu is a member with the best fashion sense 

15. Junsu friendship with G Dragon and Taeyang Big Bang. 

16. Super Junior has never asked anything in Chansung, 'How old are you? ", And Chansung replied,' I was the 2PM maknae ', and then.. ' YOU? MAKNAE? REALLY? " 

17. Chansung ideal type who is the girl with beautiful eyes 

18. Taecyeon thinks Miss A is a "jackpot rookie group" 

19. Jaebum, Taecyeon and Nickhun knows how to speak english. *not sure of this?*

20. Junsu's audition on YG ent and JYPE, but he chose JYPE, that's why he's close to GDragon and Taeyang. 

21. All members and JYP worried because Wooyoung never had a girlfriend.

22.  Victoria likes Chansung a lot so Nichkhun is rude to him when they're all together. 

23. Junsu don't like it when people think that he was the smelliest member.

24. Junho can't wink, because she thinks hiseyes are too small 

25. Wooyoung and Junho are roommates, but Wooyoung prefer to sleep on the floor with Chansung 

26.  Chansung & Taekyeon are big eaters so they're hungry often and eat a lot. 

27. Taecyeon had a close friendship with SNSD Tiffany. 

28. Taecyeon gossip often with women, especially Yoona and Newest Jesscia. 

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