Escaping Hell

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Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or its characters. I only own my OC

Impel Down

"She's there! She went that way!"

An army of footsteps echoed along the small alley. Phew. That was close.

I sighed in relief. They still haven't found me. But I can't afford to breathe easy just yet. As soon as I get out of this damn Impel Down, I'll run as far as my feet can take me.

I spot a big blue thing at my right. Is that what they call the sea? Whoa. It's so vast. Are those people in the docks escapees? Not that I care. I finally see the sun for the first time in my life. I'm no longer bound to my "room" in Impel Down. Now that I think about it, it felt more like a prison cell. The world is really amazing, just like what that guy said. I want to see the rest of it. I want to see what lies ahead outside of that skank "room", even if I die doing it.

2 years later...

I could hear heavy breathing echoing along the forest. A heartbeat that's not my own resonates on my ears. You may be the fastest marine, but I'm faster than you. A sneer makes its way into my lips as I realize that I've been running for an hour now but still haven't broken a single bead sweat.

"You can run all you like, Tenshi. But sooner or later, the marines will -"

"Shigan!" I yelled as I swiftly plunged my finger near his pressure points. I know it's not enough to kill him, because I don't intend to. I didn't even pierce his skin, stopping my finger at the last possible second from coming into contact with his shoulder. I've never killed anyone, yet still the marines have accused me of murdering people and placed a high bounty on me. The force I applied seems only like a tap for me, but its actual power is enough to knock out a strong bull for ten days.

The marine was blown backwards, placing a man-sized hole in 5 buildings. Not looking back, I immediately sprinted away to blend into the gathering crowd, stealing a few things here and there. It's not that I want to steal, it's just that it's the only way I have to sustain myself. A hat here, sunglasses there, and then, some cash. I put on the sunglasses and twist my hair into a knot before hiding it inside the hat. My eyes are a dark pink, almost like crimson. My strawberry-blond hair falls just above my waist. Both features are very recognizable even when blending into the crowd. The hat and sunglasses have always been my bestfriends.

I entered the next alley on my right where I hid a large hooded black cloak underneath a chipped tile in the pavement for times like this. It was the perfect spot for hiding things, escpecially since not many people use this alley. Walking briskly, I turned towards the port and stole a mask from a nearby vendor to cover the lower half of my face. In this way, people couldn't even identify what my gender is. I smiled, knowing it can't be seen through the thin yet opaque black mask. Let them try to find me.

I jumped into my old boat and deftly untied it from the docks. Catching sight of my paddle, I steer myself into the open ocean, not caring about its danger. I already have what I need. I don't need to stay in this town anymore. But...Oh seriously, Tenshi, you left your log pose? I groan inwardly. Talking to myself has always been a habit of mine, though I don't voice things out loud. Oh well, I guess I don't have a choice.

I focused on using my ability. Thanks to those baka marines for experimenting on me since I was a baby, I have the ability to sense the ocean around me, thus enabling me to sense islands. But that's just a side effect from infusing liquid kairouseki into my body. I'm practically a living kairouseki, the ultimate weakness of all devil fruit users. Plus the marines have drilled into every bone in my body every fighting technique they know. I was their ace card, their ultimate war machine, a child of the devil as they say...until I met Ace

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