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After taking our schedule me and the girls headed for our first period me and Becca had P.E , Zoey had history and blue just disappeared texting me that she found her friends .
Heading to the gum me and becca were talking when she bumped into a wall oh scratch that she bumped into someone
" watch it dipshit " becca growled still not looking up
The guy had a strong jaw with bright piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair he was taller than both of us maybe 6'5,
and he just kept on watching her devouring her every move while I just stood there smirking .

Oh yeah he is deep shit if he's having a crush on becca she is vicious .

My inner self spoke and my grin widens when becca looks up her eyebrows reaching her hair line

" are done eye rapping me ?" Becca said

" yo Bryce come on man " another man shouted from behind but I didn't even spare him a glance I just grabbed beccas
hand and lead the way to the gym and when we reach the woman's changing room out of nowhere I start laughing grabbing my belly in the process tears falling out of my eyes...

" hey why are you laughing ? " becca asked
" I DONT KNOW.." I start laughing again then I stop
" that Bryce guy is totally into you
It's officially love at first sight "

Becca just stared at me face blank then she said " you are going to wake up tomorrow with a fifty clown puppets in your bedroom "

" don't you dare asshole "

She just flipped her hair and started changing she wore a black crop top and a black adidas shorts , and i put on my burgundy sports bra and white leggings .

Going out our coach Luke ordered us to do 11 push ups 12 setups and
20 squats .

"Rose and Rachel race now " coach said blowing on his whistle

Taking our places rachel turned to me " I'm gonna win and easily bitch "

So confident
I ignored her and waited for coach to start counting
"Okay now
Get ready
GO "
Rachel flew ahead I gave her a head start
Then I ran
Two seconds was all It took and i was ahead of her the wind in my hair felt so good it made me smile .

I reached the finish line and looked back and Rachel was panting far behind... thats when I felt eyes on me so I turned..

Holy fucking shit

Ezras eyes met mine he was shirtless and those tattoos were visible they were everywhere all over him .

Wow !those are amazingly hot.

His face was blank it showed nothing no emotion absolutely nothing as he looked at me burning holes through me so I smirked and turned away walking back to becca she was laying on the ground eyes shut so I took my chance and went up to her ....
" don't you even think about it Rose " she said opening one eye and then smirked
" ughhh you suck"

"yeah you swallow and FYI that Ezra guy is still staring at you "

" yeah I know "

    Lunch break finally arrived , the girls were waiting for me in the car never in my life have I stayed at school for lunch to face those freaks at school

I got in the driver seat noticing that Zoey and Becca were on their phone probably doing some gang work so I just fired the  engine and drove to Starbucks , I was going to play a song when I noticed a black  s class Benze driving behind and as i sped it sped too and I couldnt see who was inside because of the Raybon it had

"girls we've got a problem "

Zoey and Rebeca immediately dropped their phones and took out their guns thats when the shooting began.

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