Chapter 26

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"State your full name, please."

"Katerina Reigh Sanders."

"And you're aware that this conversation is being recorded, yes?"

I nodded.

"Can you please give a verbal response for the tape recorder?" It was phrased as a question but the order was unquestionable coming from the police officer conducting the interview.

"Yes. I'm aware." I spoke carefully, biting back the fuming rage burning holes through my patience as I sat stoic in the interrogation room.

The four walls surrounding me in the small room were bland of any color, of any personality. The room itself was baron of anything but the metal table in front of me and the two plastic chairs that I and the officer across from me were sat at.

The lack of any color or decoration must be meant to make the criminals feel alienated and confined before they'd even been given a guilty verdict.

I felt the weight of the room clamp down on me, the stark white walls around me draw in closer and tighter until I felt just as defeated and deprived as the criminals who sat in this very chair did.

More than anything though, I felt very, very alone.

"Okay, I need you to start from the beginning of the story. Don't leave out any details." This officer was fat, balding, and had crumbs from his lunch sticking to the side of his bottom lip. His laid-back demeanor and abhorrent appearance offended and annoyed me to no end.

I wanted Dominic.

"We were walking-"

"Who's we?" He interrupted, not bothering to even look to me as he did.

I paused, my head ticking to the side with my stare still on the officer's face. The absurdity and stupidity of his question nearly shattered the very last nerve I was holding onto.

"Layla and I. Layla Irene Montez. The entire fucking reason I'm here to begin with." My fingers twitched with a great need to punch the idiocy right out of his fat head.

"Hey. Watch your mouth, young lady. I'm not the one who took your friend."

That was the first time the officer looked up at me and all that was sitting in his glassy stare was irritation and condescension.

Choosing to swallow my snapback comment, I continued on recounting my day just hours prior to now.

"So, Layla and I were walking back from getting coffee from this little place we always went to when we both worked at Marty's. It's between Marks St and Rosewood Drive. We were walking down Rosewood on our way back to Marty's... and that's when it happened."

"Go on."

"We were having a small fight so neither of us was really paying attention to what was happening around us. I didn't even see the van when it pulled up behind me." A slow panic began to creep up my spine as I was back in that moment, back in that van, certain I was going to die.

"What were you two fighting about?"

"It doesn't matter." I shrugged, keeping my eyes fixed on the table in front of me.

"It does matter, Ms. Sanders. It matters a great deal actually. Any information could be helpful."

"It was a stupid argument about guys. Seriously, it has nothing to do with Layla being taken at all."

"Were you two fighting over a guy?" He pressed on.

"What? No. She's happily sleeping with one of your officers out there who's probably listening to every word I'm saying right now."

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