t w e n t y s i x - E N D

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"because i love you." lisa pulled away, looking straight into my eyes.


"do you have hearing problems or something? i said it's because i loVE YOU." lisa looked away, biting her lower lips in embarrassment.


i couldn't believe what was happening right now. this bitch really just confessed to me after leaving me alone for so long?

fuck i'm doing it too.

"i love you too," i blurted out. "didnt you notice the way i looked at you? the way i laughed, the way i hugged you... were you clueless this whole time?"

silence wrapped around us as we gazed into the depth of each other's eyes, both of us refusing to look away.

"i love you jennie, a lot." lisa mumbled.

once again, the smile which i fell in love with flashed across her face.

i leaned in, slowly, and my breath hitched as our lips brushed against each other. she moved in closer and captured a soft kiss on my lips, smiling into the kiss as i pressed my lips against hers.

we pulled away to catch our breaths, a different mix of emotions igniting inside me. lisa looked at me, this time a whole new loving gaze burning deep into my skin.

shit i'm blushing.

i buried my head into the crook of her neck to hide the grin bursting across my face. i took a whiff of her scent,

"i love how you smell so good every second of the day." i mumbled against her skin, feeling her tense up against my touch.


"hm?" i hummed in response, lifting my head up to look at her.

"can you do it again?"

"do what?"

and without hesitation, her warm hands slid onto my nape and pulled my head closer, her plump lips meeting mine once again. i wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my body against hers,

i'm not ever letting go of her.


thursday morning, 8:08 am, lips pressed together, time stopped. and that's how these two ladies came to fall in love with thurday mornings, and each other.

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