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    Hawkins High School, where teenagers went to get more educated

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  Hawkins High School, where teenagers went to get more educated. Although, eventually when they left the school, they'd find themselves following in the footsteps of their parents; marrying the first person to propose, becoming a housewife or taking over the family business — Hawkins wasn't a place of variety.

         Pulling into the school parking lot, Mary found herself sighing deeply as she parked in her usual spot before leaning over into the glove compartment to fish out a packet of cigarettes which only had three left and she groaned at the sight.

           She flung her bag over her shoulder and got out of the car, slamming it shut behind her before she walked to where she could see the rest of her friends; Steve Harrington, Carol Danvers and Tommy Holden — although Charlie was yet to be seen.

            Steve sat atop the bonnet of his car, chuckling at something Tommy had said, whom stood with his arm flung over Carol's shoulder — who's hair was as big as ever.

            Steve spotted Mary first, his head perking up as he offered a smile to his best friend as Carol's eyes traveled up and down Mary's bare legs, "Jeez Mary, could those shorts get any, like — shorter?" She asked, arching her eyebrows as Mary pushed herself onto the bonnet beside Steve whom scooted over for her.

          Mary pulled out a cigarette from the packet and popped it between her lips, looking at Carol flatly, "Like my patience with you? Yes, Carol. For sure." Carol's nostrils flared as Tommy erupted into hideous laughter, trying to cover it up although it just made him snort and Carol whacked at his chest a few times.

           Steve scoffed under his breath, trying also to hold back laughter as he fished out a lighter from his pocket, a smile on his face and as Carol glared over at Mary she found herself offering a bittersweet smile back at her.

            Steve flicked open the lighter, a small flame burning inside and Mary leaned over, cigarette in mouth as he held up the lighter to her, lighting it and she inhaled the smoke, puffing her cheeks out a little before sitting back and Steve snapped the lid shut.

              Mary exhaled deeply, smoke dancing by her lips and into the air whilst Carol quietly scolded her boyfriend for laughing. It wasn't that Mary and Carol hated each other or anything, they just didn't have the best relationship.

            Steve had met Tommy and they had became great friends and just like Mary coming as the package with Steve, along came Carol with Tommy.

            Mary could remember a very drunk Tommy a year back at a Halloween party, tracing his hand along her thigh and whispering to her that Carol was jealous of her — that she was intimidated because she'd never be as hot as Mary.

            Mary knew Tommy was a pig, him hitting on her and being inappropriate towards her was a big giveaway. But still, Tommy wasn't really a threat to her, he was a stupid Neanderthal in her opinion. But Carol, Mary was sure she had it in for her — and she wondered if drunk Tommy's words had been true. But still, Carol had never spoke anything of the sort towards Mary.

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