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The following evening Freya was back in the Great Hall in her chair to the left of Ewen's. He was not happy that she was out of bed so quickly but even the midwife agreed that it was not harmful for Freya to remain active. She was young and the relative ease of the birth were all in her favour. It also served to dispel any misplaced rumours that the Queen had died in childbirth. It was a festive evening in the hall with many toasts to the King, Queen and young Prince. Freya's face was pleasantly flushed by the time the final toast was drunk. Ewen thought with fondness that motherhood suited her.

As he stood to leave Great Hall to leave for his private chambers, Ewen looked across at his wife. As he lifted his arm to support her, she looked up at him and smiled. Ewen felt desire flood through him.

It was a week still before he could act on that desire. By the time Ewen had the opportunity one evening after the formalities of dinner, he had to struggle to restrain himself. Freya was lying on their bed, her naked body beautiful in the half light. Ewen bent across the bed and kissed her gently on her mouth. Too soon he felt his lust overwhelm him and he had to break the kiss to control himself.

Breathing deeply he moved down to her full breasts. They had changed since the birth of their son. Apart from their increase in size, Ewen could see more blueish veins. He bent down and sucked gently on her nipples. The sweetness of her milk surprising him. Although the wet nurse fed their son, he knew that when she could, Freya had taken the opportunity to nurse him too. Although it was against protocol, Ewen had pretended not to know. Freya gasped as he sucked harder and then moved across to the other nipple. As he sucked he noticed the milk dripping down her breast and down her side. It was one of the most erotic things he had seen. Once again he had to control himself as desire flooded through him.

As he moved down towards Freya's womanhood, he stroked the softness of her skin and followed the lines that the pregnancy had left on her belly.

'You are so beautiful,' he whispered to Freya.

She blushed as she replied.

'It looks as if I am still with child,' she said softly.

'You will be again soon my love,' he replied. 'The way I desire your body overwhelms me. I shall try to spill my seed outside you so that you can recover before we have another child.'

Freya gasped as he moved his hands lower and started to gently prepare her for him. He was scared that he would hurt her after the birth. Ewen knew that the delivery had torn her and was concerned to open up her healing body.

It was Freya then who was impatient with her desire. She pulled him closer and opened her legs so that Ewen could enter her. Ever so slowly he did, listening to her moans and gasps to warn him if her hurt her. Instead Freya shuddered with pleasure and Ewen found himself coming over her belly far too soon.

As he wiped himself off her, he kissed her gently before pulling her into his embrace. Their bodies entwined and languid, they lay like that for a while before drifting to sleep.

Later in the night, Ewen pulled Freya closer as was his habit. As he readied her, he thought of their wedding night nearly a year ago now. The way that he had taken her without preparing her. He felt remorse for the pain he had caused her. After they had coupled again, his seed spilling this time on her back, he held her close.

'I am sorry that I caused you pain on the first night we were together,' he whispered to Freya.

Freya turned to face him. She smiled at him with love.

'You had no choice,' she whispered her reply. 'The alliance and our custom dictated a marriage and an heir. If you had not then my father would have married me off to Augustus within the month.'

Still smiling Freya continued.

'I far prefer you to Augustus my love.'

Ewen smiled at that and pulled her tightly into his arms. The milk that ran from her breasts dribbled down his arm and his seed was sticky between them. Ewen felt like he was the happiest man alive.

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