Authors Note

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Hey guys it's Jen back with another story idea! I decided to unpublish "A Year To Remember" and publish this one because I think this one is more interesting.

Anyways, in order for you guys not to get confused as to who is who let me just write it down for you.

The brother and sister that are running away from their father's original names are Adrianna and Stefano (Stefan for short) Samuels.

As the story progresses you are going to see all of their different names so if you see any of the following, you'll know it's a reference to them in the past;

Kate Georgsson, Ashley Davis, Alison Carters, Morgan Sage, and her current name is Lydia Stone (Adrianna's names)

Michael Georgsson, Beckett Davis, Tyler Carters, Jacob Sage, and his current name Lorenzo Stone (Stefano's names)

I'm sorry guys, I know it might be a little confusing but I think the plot will help you better understand why it is so confusing. I hope you guys will like this book, don't forget to vote, comment, and spread the word to your friends! Thanks for reading,


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