Part 42 - Unwanted attention

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Daryl's POV -------

We had reached the prison, my home, I couldn't wait to see everyone, especially Jess. We came to the opening that lead us to the prison, the field was filled with walkers. Oh god no. I needed to help, I needed to find Jess, I needed to make sure she was okay. please let her be okay. We ran through to the gate to see Rick pinned up against the fence, I drew my cross bow back and fired it into the walkers head. "Daryl!" I looked up to see Jess running towards us, her eyes lit up when they met mine, I'm so glad she's okay... we managed to get everyone to safety but we couldn't find T-Dog or Carol... I hope they're okay.

Merle's POV -------

Mmmm mmm the fine piece of ass is a God send, Jess was the most attractive woman I had seen in a long time. When the Governor told me to rough her up a little I had no problem doing so until I saw her, man I just wanted to take her back to my place and have my way with her. Daymn, I bet she's good in bed, shame, I don't think she likes me too much... can't think why though... I'll try my best to get her on side, and to get in to her panties while I'm at it, mmm mm  daymn she's hot!

Jess's POV -------

"We need to find them!" I demanded, it had been about an hour since the outbreak of the walkers and the Governor's truck, and Carol and T-Dog went missing. "T got bit... and I don't know how much longer he has" I began to pace up and down the court yard, tears slipping from my cheeks. "We'll find then, but for now, I need you to be focused" Rick approached me with a hint of support in his words. I nodded in agreement. "I'll get up in the guard tower, take out half them walkers, give you guys a chance to fix the fence" I began to walk off and Daryl ran up behind me, "I'll come with you" I nodded as we walked towards the guard tower... we had a lot to get rid of! We got to the top of the tower and began to execute the dead, I felt a pair of eyes on me... I didn't get the nice, warm welcoming feeling I always got when I caught Rick staring at me, I got the uncomfortable degrading feeling, like when Shane used to stare at me. I glanced down to see Merle's dirty old eyes bore into mine... ugh. "Daryl. please tell your ape of a brother to keep his beady eyes off of me. I can't concentrate" He huffed and walked to the side Merle was facing. "Yo Merle! keep your beady eyes off jess... your putting her off!" he demanded which only lead to Merle letting out a hearty laugh before leaving... ugh its going to be a long day.


We need to do a head count, Carol and T are still missing, I don't think he has long left and I don't even know about Axel and Oscar" I as explained, worrying about everyone especially T-Dog, he had do a heroic deed trying to close that gate... come to think it... who openened it in the first place? "Axel and Oscar are... both dead" Glenn said, scratching the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact with me. "How?" I asked "Walkers... tore them apart" Rick chimed in finishing what Glenn had started. Oh god... "Governor has a lot to answer for... They were good guys... " I nodded, I didn't really know them but I agreed anyway. I looked down at my bitten wrist, it had begun to scar over but the teeth marks were still there. I covered it up. I didn't want anyone to know I had been bitten, they might not see me as the same again. Hershel knew but Rick asked him to kept it on the down low as he felt the same way I did, Hershel agreed, he's such a lovely man.

Merle approached me, ugh not now, I'm not in the mood. "You did a stupid thing in Woodbury ya know... The Governor, he'll be pissed off and you'll be the first to go when he finds you" I glanced at Merle, was that a threat? Or? "Nothing I can't handle" I glanced away into the distance, glaring at the tree line surrounding the prison. "When the Governor returns, he's gonna kill me first... Then you... slowly. Then Tom, Michonne, my brother, Hershel and his girls. Glenn, Carl, the baby, whoever else is left. He'll save Rick for last so he can watch his family and friends die ugly...That's who you're dealing with..." I looked back at Merle, with a confused look on my face. "Why Rick last?" Merle began to chuckle "Because he took something that belongs to the Governor... You... and he's gonna come and get you back... then kill you" I let out an amused huff, "I don't belong to anyone... and if he wants me, why would he kill me?" Merle sniggered "You're too much hassle for him with your failed escape attempts... he liked you though, mmm mmm boy did he" Merle walked off, talking to himself, ugh he disgusts me! Like I said... its nothing I can't handle.

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