Chapter Four: A New Chapter (literally )

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Vira pov

" Can I call you daddy?" Ara asked Matpat excitedly, as we entered the car.

" Awwww...sure Ara,you can call me daddy. And you can call Steph mommy or momma," he said.

I smiled at Ara. " I'll just call you Matpat and Steph first. Is that okay?" I asked Matpat.

"That's alright Vira. You should probably get comfortable until you're ready to call us Mom or dad. Or whatever parent name you want to call us," Matpat replied. Ara and I giggled.

" Hey Vira...Do you want to play some music from your phone?" asked Matpat. I nodded.

He passed me the wire and I connected it to my phone. I clicked on FNAF the musical night 2. Matpat laughed.

" You like Markiplier, Vira?"

" You,Natewantstobattle,Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Crankgameplays are my favorite YouTubers."

" Maybe if I'm free,you can meet Mark," Matpat said. The smile on my face grew even bigger.

45 minutes later...(I actually hope that you do the Spongebob narrator voice)

Matpat pov

"Wow! Your house is bigger than I thought it was!" exclaimed Vira as I pulled the car into the driveway.

" Vira,it's our house now. And yeah,must of our Loyal Theorists don't know what kind of house we live in," I replied.

" That makes sense considering that you have never really shown any other parts of your house except for the GTlive room and your living room. Although, you have mentioned sprinklers during streams at sprinkler time so I would think that people would have gotten it by now-am I talking too much?" Vira said, taking a big breath at the end.

" Haha, no it's fine Vira. You really could be a theorist yourself other than a singer," I said. She smiled as she opened the door. She removed Ara from the car seat that I had bought her and carried her. They were too darn cute.

"Daddy,why are you staring at us?" Ara asked me suddenly.

"Oh,it's nothing Ara. It's just that you two are so cute together," I said, running my fingers through Vira's curly hair. She smiled. I think she likes it when I do that.

" Can we go in now Matpat?" Vira asked me. I nodded my head.

I forgot the key so I rang the doorbell. Steph answered the door.

Vira pov

Steph opened the door.
"Oh,hey guys. You're finally here! Come on in!" she exclaimed. She took Ara from me so that I could roam the house freely.

" Your rooms are upstairs. Ara's is next to me and Matpat's room and Vira,yours is opposite Ara's room," Steph said. I nodded my head.

" But guys, your rooms aren't decorated yet so I thought that we could go out and get some paint and decorations, if you'd like," said Matpat.

"Sure!" Ara and I exclaimed at the same time. I reached over to her and tickled her at the tummy.

We followed Matpat to our almost completely empty rooms, except for closets,a desk and a bed in each room.
I threw my things on the bed and got ready to go out to buy things.

We got into the car with Matpat and Steph, who was asking me and Ara many questions. Matpat passed me the plug and I played my Sia's The Greatest cover which I had on my phone.

10 minutes later....

" Alright girls, we're here. We're at Target," said Matpat as he parked the car.

" Wow! I never thought I'd ever go to a Target! Right Ara?" I exclaimed, staring through the window. "Yeah sissy!" replied Ara.

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