After my mom gave me that long lecture, we traveled about five minutes up the street to see our new 'home'. It was not that bad I mean at least it was big..aww who am I kidding the house was a mess. Almost every window was shattered, the door was hanging wide open only one nail holding it up for support. The wood looked worn out, probably termites and do NOT even mention the smell. It smelled like mothballs, mold, and feet. I wrinkled my face at the smell, I could barely breathe.

"'s big" my mom said covering her nose from the smell.

"Yeah it is big, but it looks and smells like a piece of shi-" I mumbled but then got cut off.

"WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" she yelled.

"Sorry, but this looks nothing like the picture, you said it was like a mansion," I said

"That picture was from years ago, you have to remember times have changed Nya." she sighed.

"But I didn't want to move here in the first place! If you could keep a job for more than two weeks maybe we wouldn't be in this shit! You don't even take up for your own responsibilities! I end up taking care of the twins all the time, while you it your lazy ass down and cry about your life which is so 'bad'    You know what, I hate you, go to hell for all i care!"

I felt a strange breeze pass me that made me feel hot and cold at the same time. Then my mom looked like a....a...a ghost.Then she talked and her voice sounded five times deeper as she spoke.

"So that is really how you feel"

She just thought for a moment and there was an akward silence and then the unexpected happened.She....she..she punched me. My own mother punched me straight in the face. I screamed a yelp of pain. She has never done that in my life. At that point I was scared of my own mother. I didn't know who I was talking to. The one who used to laugh at me, and care for me jut punched me in the face.

"I hate you just as much, little bitch" she said and walked away.

Okay my own mother just hit me in the face and cursed at me. I saw my mom leave out the house slamming the door leaving me and the twins in the house alone. I see the twins crying and then they left me just like my mom, looks like they are taking her side.Then, I blacked out.

                                                                        ? POV

     I was just wandering around the sidewalk with Prod, trying to avoid Ray and Prince and just thinking about my miserable life, well not life, after life I guess you can say. I go past these two little kids, not really acknowledging them.

"Excuse me" one of them said.

I just kept walking they couldn't be talking to me, could they.

"Excuse me" he says a little louder.

"I think he is talking to you" Prod said

I turn around and so does Prod.

"Yes, sweety" I say, I know he was not talking to me, that is impossible, I just wanted to check

"Can you help my sister, she hurt bad on the floor"

"Uhm...ok" I said

"Wait a second, can you see us." Prod said waving a hand in front of the little kids faces.

"Yes?" the other child says a little confused.

"Ok where is your sister?" Prod asked.

"Follow me" they both say.